No sleep, No problem – How to Not Look Tired on Those Sleep-less Days

skin-careWe all have those sleepless nights, whether you’re a mom, a career worker or a student – we all have those days when we literally gets enough sleep but we do want to look out best in the morning especially when we’re stepping into our social life and no sleep can be a bit of problem especially for your skin. Dry, irritated and red eyes gets noticeable when you’re short in sleep, you might need to use some eye drops which will keep eye moisturized and calm.
Next having a tired looking skin is always an issue, especially during winter months. An ice bath will do the job for you, just fill up some ice and water in a small bowl and dunk the face for 10 seconds and repeat for couple of time, this will not only give you a nice fresh look, it will also tighten the pores as well as it helps with puffiness. If you’re not an ice bath person, try ice towels – get a nice and clean wet towel inside a zip bag and keep it into the freezer over night, and pad it to your face for 10 seconds and repeat (I would suggest to freeze two towels so you can switch back and forth).cleanserNext I would use a gentle cleanser, as I carry a very sensitive skin. Doing a deep cleaning with a nice cleanser and a quick 5 minute mask (if you have time) will give you a nice and pure skin. I personally love the SOY Face cleanser from Fresh beauty reviewed here which is super gentle and Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Clay mask + scrub reviewed here, which only takes 5 minutes to deep cleaning the skin and I love who it’s 2 in 1 mask + scrub safe extra time.
Chamomile tea bags slightly chilled in the freezer will do wonders to de-puff your eyes bags. Just pad them onto the eyes for 5 minutes and it does wonders to get rid of those baggy eyes.
boosterAfter taking care of all impurities and cleansing I love to use a nice brightening essence or a face mist to add extra hydration to the skin, and keeping them nice and cool will give you even more freshness and lights up the skin. I love to use the Brightening Sparkling water pop Essence and Capsule mist from Laneige reviewed here as well as the Fix Make-up spray from Clarins is always very handy to keep it in your on the go bag for a fresher and for adding an extra hydration during the day.  It’s always important to pay an extra attention into your morning routine.
eye-creamEyes where it say it all, where your lack of sleep will show up first, using a nice moisturizing and brightening eye cream will take care of tired looking eyes at once, I love the Luminouse Deep Hydration firming eye serum from Tatcha reviewed here not only gives a nice a luminous finish to the under eye area the cooling ceramic applicator helps with the under eye puffiness at the same time – plus a using a concealer or a brightening and highlighting pen will do the job. Nars Radiant Creamy concealer is a must for me to hide my dark circles  as well as the Stila Aqua Glow Serum concealer reviewed here.concealerLack of sleep ain’t the only thing that takes out the glow from your skin – poor diet plays a huge roll on how you look. Starting your day with a nice refreshing lemon juice and keep a goal on drinking lots water on regular basis and sticking to a healthy diet all year-long, making sure to get skin-loving nutrient in your body is definitely a key to glowy and fresh looking skin.booster

And at the end if all these seems to doesn’t work wearing a nice giant sunnies will do the job, well at least for me. Being a full-time Blogger mom of two and one on the way to come soon, giving my self that extra time is challenging. Having a nice washed hair and adding a chic suunies always boosts my confident. Wishing every one have a wonderful start of the week and please do let me know if any of my techniques on not to look tired worked for you, I always love to know.