Nars | Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation & Light Reflecting Loose Powder

Nars Cosmetics just launched a new complexion product or I would say expanded their Light Reflecting line. There is a new Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation (C$65 in 36 shades) and new Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder & Pressed Powder in new shades (C$50 in 4 shades).

Light Reflecting Advanced Skincare Foundation

The foundation is formulated with 70% skincare benefit with medium coverage and with a subtle finish. Looks natural on the skin while it does blur out imperfections and instantly makes skin look better. It promises to improve skin over time with its clarity and helps skin define against blue light and other environmental aggressors. The foundation is designed for a dry to normal skin texture but I think it will perform quite well on oily skin for the texture it carries.

The texture is very light and it adheres to the skin so makes this foundation last all day long that looks like skin but better. It doesn’t slide or move on the skin once it’s set. I wore it to my shopping trip this weekend and I can say that it’s mask-proof. My foundation looks fresh with no need to touch up after 4-5 hours of shopping. I noticed a little disturbing on top of my nose where my mask was setting and that’s all. Nars send out two shades for me to put to the test (Deauville which is light with a neutral undertone & Vienna which is a light with cool undertones). I have used the Deauville shade for a couple of years now and it goes quite well on my skin tone. I find both have the same shade but different undertone.

while the foundation looks incredibly good on the skin there are a few things you need to remember for its application. Since the foundation is a makeup-skincare-hybrid, it doesn’t pair with some heavy skincare products or may not set properly if applied right after your skincare routine. I also tried the foundation with a flat brush and beauty blender, it applies quite nicely with a beauty blender while you’ll find streaks with a brush.

For medium coverage foundation, I need to do spot treating but it covered my skin and dark spots quite well.

The foundation reminds me of the Tinted Glow Booster (reviewed here) Nars launched about 2 years ago but with better coverage and a more subtle finish. I have swatched them for you below to see the finish and texture of both sides by side.

Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder

Light Reflecting Loose Setting Powder is a feather-light powder that sets the foundation in place with a nice radiant finish. I believe it only came in translucent finish yet this time they expanded their collection by adding 3 more shades to cover all skin tones from lightest to deepest. I am not a huge powder lover for my dry face but from time to time I do like to use powders that don’t dry out my complexion and won’t set on my fine lines and I find this is one of them. I haven’t tried any powders from Nars Cosmetics for the same fact but I am glad I got to try this new formula. I got to try the powder in shade Shore that is suitable for medium to medium-deep skin tone. Initially, the powdered looked quite deep in the pot but I am glad I tried it on my complexion finding it doesn’t add much colour but rather warms up the skin tone.

The powder is formulated with a light-reflecting Complex that adds a nice luminous finish to the skin. I wasn’t able to swatch the powder since it literally doesn’t show any colour on the skin.

Nars Radiant Concealer has been one of the first and most loved beauty products for me for as long as remember even before my blogging career. I love the creamy texture and coverage it offers me. I like to use it under my foundation as a corrector or even on top of foundation it always gives me that flawless skin under the eye area. I use it in shade Crema Catalina which is a medium with cool undertones, Vanilla has been my other favourite shade to highlight. It carries enough peachy shade that I can correct and wear it alone.

I have also been loving the Sot Matte Complete Concealer which is cream to powder concealer and initially launched in 2017 (reviewed here) and recently they relaunched the formula in 2020 with more shades along with their Soft Matte Complete Foundation since it became quite famous (reviewed here).

I love to wear this concealer during the summertime for its nice full-coverage finish and long-lasting formula. Here are the two shades I love to wear

  • Madeleine is a light shade with neutral undertones that I like to colour correct any imperfections on my skin.
  • Nougatine is a light shade with yellow undertones that I like to highlight my complexion with.

Here is what my current Nars complexion products look like for my skin tone.

Bottom line I loved it. I generally LOVE Nars Cosmetics complexion products, they really design the formulas for perfect-looking skin. I think you’ll be never disappointed by their products. I’ve linked all my favourite complexion products below. You can find the New Light Reflecting Collection available at Sephora and counters.


Easy Holiday Treat | Magic Squares

1/2 cup Butter Melted
1 1/2 cup Grahm Crumbs
1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk
Nuts & chocolate chips to desire
1 Bag unsweetened coconut

Mix melted butter with graham crumbs and at in the oven pan. Pour sweetened condensed milk over the pated mixture and sprinkle chocolate chips and/or nuts followed by a bag of unsweetened coconut.

Bake the mixture at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until golden. Cut them in a square or with any holiday-shaped cookie cutter and serve them, Enjoy!!


La Prairie | Skin Caviar Night Time Oil

A little late on this post but I think it’s a perfect time to experience this new launch from La Prairie. La Prairie has recently added a new addition to their Skin Caviar line the Skin Caviar Night Time Oil (C$712.66) made in Switzerland. This is a Caviar Retinol formulated facial oil that is effective in decreasing the appearance of fine lines and smooths out the skin as well as adds exceptional hydration to the skin. Many know facial oils are one of the most important parts of my fall/winter skincare routine and it couldn’t get any better to add this facial oil to my skincare routine at this time of the year.

I am a long-time lover of the La Prairie’s Skin Caviar line – the line is quite nourishing and brings joy to the skin. It adds an instant lift and luminosity to the skin that also includes their makeup line.

This new Night Time Oil is formulated with a composed of caviar lipids and caviar-derived retinol that is exclusive to La Prairie. The formula is also infused with Vitamin D, omega 3, 6, & 9 essential fatty acids that deliver skin-caring properties which help boost skin hydration. The formula is gentle and doesn’t irritate the skin at all while you wake up with an internal glow and plump skin in the morning. The Oil is designed to apply as the last step of your skincare routine.

The texture is light and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and absorbs quickly. I have been using the oil for the last 4 weeks contiuesly on my nightly skincare routine and has been working great with no irritation and no redness. I only use retinol formulas during the fall/winter season and this is the best way to introduce it to your skincare routine. A little goes a long time with this oil and for me, I do give a little massage after the application. The formula also helps with uneven skin texture.

You should always wear your sunscreen to prevent any damage while using any retinol products and every two hours of reapplication is a must as well.

Bottom line – I love it!!! anything that comes from La Prairie and especially with the Skin Caviar line works like wonders on the skin. Its been a good long journey for me using La Prairie’s skincare products especially the Skin Caviar line. It just feels right on the skin plus the luxurious feel is always there. The packaging is well designed with a nice dropping dispenser that allows you to control the amount of oil for the application. For me, 3-4 drops work well for the entire complexion. I’ve linked the entire collection I’ve tried below for you.

You can find the newness at all La Prairie’s counters as well as at Nordstrom, SaksfifthAvenue, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales.

Provided & courtesy of La Prairie.