Celebrating One Year Of Blogging

rMillion Idole turned one years old this month. It has been a wonderful year of blogging for me and it flew by so quickly, when I started Million Idole as a hobby although I have taken it a rather serious approach to it – I never thought it will take me this far just in one year, what I like most about blogging is that it allows me to do what I love. It did took me some time to realize what I want to do and I found that I knew so much about beauty products, tips and tricks that I really wanted to share what I’ve discovered from many years. There have been lots of ups and downs over the year with this blog on all aspects of my life personally, emotionally and professionally but at the end of the day I’m felling blessed what I’m doing that is keeping me going is my passion. I’ve learned so much from writing on this blog and interacting with my reader, blogger, brands and retailer. Today I wanted to share some thoughts on blogging – and Yes we’re celebrating this whole month by giving away some of my favorite products that I have been loving lately.

Even though by now there are many blog spots from all the categories beauty, fashion, food, lifestyle and much more, and many thinks it’s over saturated but I would say if you want to start a blog just do it. I get many emails from my readers asking on how to start a blog – you don’t need to be professional in blogging as I know many bloggers are self-taught. When I started Million Idole I didn’t even knew what should I name it, I didn’t start right away it took me a year of learning process to develop my blog. I loved taking pictures since I was a teen and editing pictures was my hobby and makeup was my passion. I never went to a hair or makeup stylist my whole life except my wedding day and many from family and friends would have asked me for skin and beauty tips as well as product recommendation. Even after a year of blogging I’m still in progress of learning, I don’t consider my self a professional blogger by any means. It does take time and effort to establish a BlogSpot.

Keeping in mind you have to be dedicated on what you do, you really don’t know how much behind-the-scenes work there is for each article and every photograph until you write your first blog post. Many thinks blogging doesn’t require much time and effort but when we bloggers see a blog post we realize how much time and effort have been put together to final post. We all have our busy schedules, when I started this blog I had two little ones – one 6 and one almost 2 years old, and I literally had some time, I would photograph items while my little one was taking nap and stayed late night to edit and write the content of the blog. Many blogs posts require photograph retakes which some times a blog took me a week to complete. I’m still not satisfied with my work and I’m working harder each and every day for a better article for tomorrow. Be selective and don’t give up.b

I do celebrate once in while when I reach to my goals. I have celebrated when I reached 5000 followers on my social media, then 10000 followers and now celebrating a year of blogging before reaching to 20000 social media followers. I wanted to take the opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support and love. Without you all this blog wouldn’t be where it is right now. Meanwhile I also want to thank all the brands for their support on providing most of the materials to Million Idole and many of the brands have sponsored this months giveaways to Million Idole.

There will be two giveaways each week for the whole month of December, and some of the giveaways have been sponsored from the brands to Million Idole’s readers and followers. You have make sure to follow participating requirement to each giveaway. I will be updating the full instruction on these giveaways here as well as on my social media platforms. Wishing every one good luck!