IMG_0937Today I am introducing Million Idole’s readers to a very new Brand Tatcha. You all know as much as I love make up products, I love skin care products as well, I think It’s where beauty starts and Tatcha has been always one of my most favourite Brands of all. I started learning about Tatcha while I was following some of my favourite celebrity make-up artists and Bloggers using Tatcha and I found that most of the times it’s their secret product for achieving a luminous and glowing complexion, besides I have a fond with Japanese skin and beauty products. Tatcha uses natural ingredients from ancient times like Green Tea, Red Algea and much more. Tatcha has endless customizable skin care line to suit any skin type, with sensitivities and other needs. Luminous Collection is one of best-selling line from Tatcha and now Tatcha is introducing the newest Two additions to their Luminous Collection.

  • Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate


Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate ($110 for 50 ml / 1.7 fl.oz) is an ultra concentrated formula of hydration from Okinawa Red Algae, Wild Thyme, Ginseng, Squalane and few more rich botanical extracts to visibly improve skin’s clarity, tone and for a more radiant complexion overnight. It has a soft and smooth feeling, the texture is like Jello (it doesn’t drip) which dissolves into the skin immediately and gives an instant glow. It feels refreshing upon application and you wakeup dewy and with a noticeable hydrated skin next morning. I’ve been using this for a week by now and I feel my skin appears to be more radiant and it has a glow from within kind of luminosity.  I have noticed that it has soothed my skin from sensitivity during this harsh winter climate. This Overnight Memory Serum is designed for all skin types.

IMG_0935It carries an attached golden spoon which makes it more convenient to scoop out the product easily and to prevent bacteria getting into the container. What I find handy was that you can secure the spoon back to the container once you are done so you don’t have to look for it next time or loose it. I feel Tatcha has paid a full attention to all the details from product itself as well as the packaging. The container itself has a very luxurious look.

IMG_0932Scoop out one or two spoonful of the Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate with the attached golden spoon and apply to clean skin, message in starting from centre of the face outward and in upward motion at night for a dewy and luminous complexion in the morning.

  • Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum


This Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum ($95 for 15 ml / 0.5 fl.oz) is a weightless serum made from Okinawa Red Algae, Honeysuckle Leaf and Caffeine from Green Tea, which delivers an instant visible firming to under eye area to reduce puffiness and meanwhile provides hydration to the skin to diminish fine lines. This Eye Serum also carries 23-karat Gold Dust to brighten and deflect the shadow under the eyes without adding any shimmer. This is free of Parabens, synthetic fragrances and sulfate detergents. The Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum comes in a beautiful and handy tube packaging, and the tube carries a cooling ceramic applicator which provides cooling sensation to help with de-puffiness and meanwhile soothes the under eye area. Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum is ideal for all skin types and texture.


Gently squeeze serum from the tube onto the cooling ceramic applicator and massage it with the applicator under the eye area, I would suggest to spread the product first and then use tapping motion to restore, de-puff under the eye and to get the product into the skin for an immediate result. It is suitable to use it in the morning and night.


Bottom line is I highly recommend to try this two addition of the luminous collection, Overnight Memory Serum and Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum will help enhance skin’s natural beauty and helps to reduce signs of premature aging for a Polished, Radiant and Toned skin. Tatcha is celebrating the Lunar New Year with my readers, enjoy a complimentary Golden-leaf Hand Mirror with code MIRROR16 at checkout with any order over $20o. Valid through 2/7/16 while quantities last.