Spring Calming Home Scent with Nest Fragrances Driftwood & Chamomile

Sending everyone my best wishes. Spring is finally here and I’ve been doing my organizing/spring cleaning for the past couple of weeks. For spring I love to see every corner of my house organized and set up in the best possible way (I’ve updated my kitchen organization post – linked HERE). I like to bring newness, something I add to the home decor or I swape up things around to bring freshness, and home scents play a huge role in how I want to refresh the look of my home. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your home with a good scent Nest Fragrance just introduced their new Driftwood & Chamomile Collection.

I love good-smelling candles and home scents that help pick up my mood. I do rotate my home scents each season and every season I get to find the most amazing home scents launches from Nest Fragrances which they kindly sent over for me to discover and every single time I get impressed with their presentation and combination of notes they put together.

Get the Look

For this time of the year Nest Fragrances just launched the Driftwood & Chamomile Collection which is a scent that clams and comforts your mind with notes of chamomile, driftwood and sandalwood (I definitely needed this scent). The brand has become my favourite and their Reed Diffusers are quite worth the splurge. I’ve tried almost every single scent from the brand and loved every single one (you can find reviews under home decor).

Here is a closer look at the collection and its details:

The collection has an earthy and woody style that warms up the room. The collection also comes in the most beautiful light blue jars and waxes that go well with any home decor. You can find the collection at all Nest Fragrances counters as well as online at Sephora, Nordstrom and Nestfragrances.com.

Shop the Collection

I am getting ready for Noruwz which is the Persian year to start a new year and can’t be happier than that my entire home looks just the way I wanted. I will have a post coming soon sharing a few things we like to do to celebrate this upcoming new year.