Nars | Air Matte Blush & Air Matte Lip Color

Nars Cosmetic’s Air Matte Blushes and Air Matte Lipsticks were on my radar since their launch date but since we were continuously under a lockdown and stay-home order I wasn’t able to get my hands on these earlier. Yet I am excited to share a great selection of colours that were sent out from the Nars Cosmetic team here with you all.


The AIR MATTE BLUSH is new and limited edition cream blushes that carry a whipped and mouse texture and wears feather-light. It has a soft matte texture and melts into the skin. They’re easy to apply and blends like butter into the skin. It doesn’t emphasize the pores at all. The collection has a great range of shades and colours and I find there is something for everyone to play with. There isn’t so much pigment in these blushes so if you like soft and flush of colour on your checks then you might like these. Here is a closer look at the entire collection:

  • Hushed is a nice light nude shade
  • Darling is a bright light pink
  • Rush is a nice coral
  • Freedom is a beautiful mauve
  • Gasp is a rose bronze
  • Scandalous is a gorgeous burgundy
  • Torch is a beautiful bright coral red
  • Orgasm is a peachy pink with coral shimmer

If you’re a long-time Million Idole reader then you know I have an obsession with cream blushes for my everyday look especially during the drier months and these performed average on my skin. You may want to layer the lighter shades with a stapling brush to show up on the skin as well as some colour are very close in shade to really see the difference once its blended (orgasm, Darling, Freedom). It’s sad to say Orgasm is super light and barely shows on my skin but the golden glow is very visible. For me, Freedom was one of the shades that showed up well on my skin as well as Scandalous was a shade I would wear. The lasting power is average.


Air Matte Lipsticks carry the same concept, they’re lightweight mouse textured lipsticks that wear comfortable. There is a great selection of shades but a lot in the red zone with limited nude shades. Maybe because red lipstick is trending well this year. There are 10 shades in total and I have 3 shades to swatch today for you.

  • Mud Rush is orange-red
  • Thurst is a deep warm beige
  • All Yours is a pale peach nude

The lasting power is just like a regular lipstick at first impression but it leaves an exceptionally pigmented tint, especially with reds that are awesome. Reapplication is only required only if you wipe the lips with a napkin. It stays well while it does transfer on your cup or white shirt. For me, Mud Rush is a cool orange-red that looks really nice on my skin tone when I need that pop of colour. I don’t wear reds often but if I do it is a shade I can pull off easily during the spring/summer days. Thurst is too deep for me and All Yours is too light for my skin tone but I absolutely love the combination of two to create a nude ombre look.

The applicator is well designed. It spreads the product well all over the lips effortlessly. The packaging also well made that is easy to carry along in your makeup bag. I don’t mind the reapplication, I loved the finish and texture on my lips without feeling dry and doesn’t show up deep lines or dry patches.

Overall I find the Air Matte Collection could be hit or miss depending on your skin but the Air Matte Blushes didn’t meet my expectations while I did like the Air Matte Lipsticks for their lightweight texture and comfortable wear. There are some shades in Blushers that don’t really show up on skin while the deeper and brighter shades look nice and settle well on the skin. I loved how the Lipsticks leave a nice tint that gives a nice blurred finish plus I didn’t have to worry about replication or smudging my red lipstick around my face when I tried the Mud Rus. You can now find the collection available at all Nars counters as well as Sephora.

Press samples provided and courtesy of Nars


Givenchy | Gentleman Eau de Toilette Intense

Givenchy Beauty just launched a new addition to their Gentlemen fragrance line just in time for Father’s Day – Gentleman Eau de Toilette Intense. I have been testing Givenchy Beauty’s fragrance for the past two seasons and I am just in love with their specialty in the combination of notes as well as its lasting power. Gifting fragrance is very hard since it’s very personal plus it’s hard to find a scent that would be suitable for the men in your life such as father, husband, brother and for some grandfather. I think men like to keep things simple with a masculine scent.

The new Gentleman Eau de Toilette Intense is warm and spicy with notes such as Bergamot, Blue Iris and Cedar Wood. The scent is addictive and strong on its base. It also has nice aromatic floral woody notes. It’s fresh and sophisticated. I can maybe talk more about the combination of the notes that makes this fragrance perfect for any man in your life. It comes in a nice blue ombre bottle with a clean look. My husband is a huge fan of the woody scent and I think he is going to love this scent for this year.

In the end, as much I loved my Givenchy fragrances – I am loving this scent more for my husband. This is a perfect gift for this father’s day. For me whenever I am stumped I know gifting nice colognes never fails, especially when it comes to the men in my life. Additionally, if your father loved that nice warm scent then you can totally trust this scent.

Press sample provided and courtesy of Givenchy.


Chanel | Complete Correction CC CREAM

There are so many new foundation formulas this season. Yet I love a good CC Cream for my everyday look during spring summertime to give me good coverage + sun protection. I do have a couple of must-have CC Cream formulas that do a great job for me but I really wanted to start testing Chanel beauty products and I found the Complete Correction CC CREAM would be a good start.

I am new to Chanel beauty products, I definitely can’t compare the formula with older or other complexion products. The Complete Correction CC CREAM is a lightweight fluid base that smooths out skin with a blurring effect. It offers medium coverage that looks really natural and blends very well on the skin, leaving skin with a nice dewy finish. The lasting power is quite good but it does require to set with a little powder. This set more into skincare products than make up for its skincare benefit offerings.

It applies well with a flat brush for more coverage. I was matched in the shade 30 Beige which I find matches my skin perfectly. I also found there isn’t huge oxidation with this base so you can pick the closest match to your skin. Its formulated with Broad Spectrum SPF 50. It applies well on top of lightweight formulas like a serum but not over cream, if you prepare your skin for makeup I would suggest either give your skincare products a good time to absorb before applying this formula or just apply right after your serum and this CC Cream definitely keeps up with your skin’s hydration levels.

The formula is slightly high in alcohol levels, I can smell the fragrance but I was happy it didn’t irritate my skin. I do reapply and touch up my CC Cream especially when I wear outside so the packaging is quite compact which makes it easy to carry around in your on-the-go makeup bag.

Here are comparison swatches of the CC Creams I love on my skin. I find in terms of texture and hold the Chanel Complete Correction holds better than another lightweight CC Cream’s yet the It Cosmetics CC Cream has more hold than all of them.

IT COSMETICS CC+ Cream with SPF 50+
LAURA MERCIER Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF 30
ESTEE LAUDER Futurist Hydra Rescue Moisturizing Foundation SPF 45
CHANEL Complete Correction CC Cream SPF 30

Overall it has performed very well on my skin. I am happy with how it feels on skin + a positive impression on Chanel Beauty, especially on their complexion products. Although I still feel the concentration of the alcohol is there I am happy it didn’t irritate my skin. It’s a solid A+ for me especially for summer days where I like coverage and SPF. There are few more new launches that I have my eyes on like Huda Beauty’s GLoWish, BareMineral’s Mini Complexion + Laura Mercier’s New Oil-Free Tinted Moisturizer which I am still in the process of trying out.

You can find the Chanel Complete Correction CC CREAM available at and all Chanel counters. If you have tried this formula, let me know what you think?