At this time of year the skin gets irritated by dry and harsh weather. Cleansing the skin is one of the most important steps to keep our skin clean from all the impurities from the make-up and environment. My skin gets really dry and sensitive at this season and some times after removing my make-up my skin feels dead, here are some of my favourite cleansers from high-end to drug-store brands that I have round-up for you all, where these cleansers are gentle on skin but tough on those impurities that cause breakouts and flaked skins. Most of the cleansers only cleanse the skin but not the make-up, usually you have to use a make-up remover to remove the make-up (especially the eye make-up) and then use a cleanser to really cleanse the skin.  These cleansers are just one step to purify the skin and remove make-up at the same time. I am a mother of two and most of the times I have no time to take multi steps to take off my make-up and to eliminate the impurities of my skin, I like to use multi task products. Here are what I have Round up:
  • Gentle Foaming Cleanser from Dior is  a gentle foaming cleanser which provides the first step to skin care for fresh, clean, glowing skin. I have been using this for many reason, this delicately foams away make-up and impurities plus the skin feels hydrated. Gentle Foaming Cleanser is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. The texture is very silky and buttery. Gentle Foaming Cleanser comes in a tube packaging where it’s very easy to carry while travelling. This Gentle Foaming Cleanser can be used in morning and evening to purify the skin, leaves skin soft and glowing. Just apply directly on damp face and message in circular motion gently and rinse off, and gently pat face with your face cloth. This Gentle Foaming Cleanser feels so luxurious in skin and it retails at C$42.00 for 4.5 oz size.


  • Soy Face Cleanser from Fresh is a multitasking cleanser that cleanses the impurities and removes make-up at the same time.It is filled with amino acids which is really good for skin. Gives skin firmness and elasticity. It is extra gentle face cleanser and works for all skin types. It also contains rose-water to tone up the skin, with cucumber extract and borage seed oil. I love the way it cleanse the skin, the skin feels fresh and soft. Soy Face Cleanser from Fresh Beauty carries a silky texture and leaves skin without any harsh residue.Ladies do remove your make-up before going to sleep, it only takes few minutes but it will give life to your skin. The Soy Face Cleanser retails at C$45.00
  • IBUKI Gentle Cleanser from Shiseido is a ultera gentle cleanser to remove impurities and make-up and keeping the skin’s essential moisture. Texture is very smooth and quickly lather into a foam. Perfect for sensitive skin and works for combination skin as well. Also I find that IBUKI Gentle Cleanser helps with breakouts and keeps the skin clear. IBUKI Gentle Cleanser is free of Parabens, Sulfates, Phthalates. Research shows 94% people felt this product cleansed their skin without stripping the skin’s essential. IBUKI Gentle Cleanser from Shiseido retails at C$35.00. for 4.5 oz size.


  • Gentle Foaming Cleanser from Clarins  is a very mild facial cleanser to promote clean, healthy-looking, luminous skin. This Gentle Foaming Cleanser from Clarins is ideal for normal to combination skin and brings the best in all types of complexions. This Foaming Cleanser is formulated with coconut and fatty acids which protects skin and gives skin radiance and glow and it contains noncomedogenic formula which is as gentle as cleansing milk and as purifying as soap . It lather rinse away easily and leaves skin soft on touch. It is formulated without Parabens and PHthalates. This Foaming Cleanser eliminates impurities and excess oil from skin without causing any irritation. This Gentle Foaming Cleanser from Clarins retails at C$34.00.


  • Sebium Gel Moussant from Bioderma is a gel cleanser which cleanse and purifies the skin without feeling dry on skin. This Purifying cleansing is ideal for Normal, combination and oily skin. Sebium Gel Moussant is Paraben free and soap free. It also contains Hypoallergenic and is non comedogenic formulas where it feels like cleansing milk but meanwhile it acts like soap. The formula is gentle overall and removes all but the most tenacious types of make-up without leaving a greasy residue or making the skin fell tight and dry. It carries a very silky texture and goes smooth on skin. This is highly recommend it for anyone with combo/acne prone skin and I feel totally Ideal for sensitive skin, since I have a sensitive skin, I was a little nervous at first but after using it couple of time, my skin was totally fine. The exclusive Fluidactiv patent prevents pores from getting clogged. This Sebium Gel Moussant from Bioderma comes in different sizes and packaging where it meets your needs.
    • Tube 100 ml
    • Tube 200 ml
    • Pump bottle 200 ml
    • Pump bottle 500 ml


  • Foaming Cleansing Cream from  Bourjois is one of my favourite drug store cleansing creams. This is an ultra soft foaming cleanser which is especially formulated for dry and sensitive skin. This Cleansing Cream is enriched with softening cotton and soothing rose-water to remove the make-up gently and leaves skin glowing. It comes in a tube packaging and retails at C$22.00 for 150 ml size.