Styling Perfect Coffee/Side Table

When it comes to styling tables, there aren’t any exact rules. It reflects your personality but there are a few things that you need to keep in mind to balance out stuff around the table which I am sharing here today. Coffee or side tables are one of the parts of the home that instantly catches the eyes once you enter the room and alter the finish of that space. I love to keep things simple and within the neutral range that way it’s easy to swipe things around seasonally. Here are five things that will help you finish your space.

  1. Add height by adding books or other objects of different heights. This way the display items feature itself than looking flat. You do need to play around with things to balance out the tallest piece in your display in height. You can create a visual triangle in different ways but it always ends perfectly.

2. Something living like plants or flowers will do its own part even if it’s faux. it adds texture to the place and softens out the look as well as if you need a pop of colour. Just go with your favourite flower or small green plants. I always pick seasonal fresh flowers and they look so pretty.

3. Decorating in odds is the key to interior designing. I learned this a while back in my early 20s from a home interior designer. Not every single item has to be at odds but it automatically creates perfect space almost every single time as well as looks more balanced.

4. Adding dimension to the space by adding something quirky, and shiny, mirror or candles does the job. Currently, I’ve been loving the new Himalayan Salt & Rosewater Candle Collection, especially their 3 wicked candles are my favourite because that’s the only way I can get the scent around my open concept home. This also adds personality and reflection of your style to the space. The reflection of metals or mirrors brings more attention to the space.

5. Trays are the best way to keep space decluttered if you have more items to display. It brings that clean finish look that your space needs.

I hope this post helps you set up your coffee/side tables. let me know what kind of concepts you use to set up or design your space. I shared a little demo below let me know what you think?

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Spring Calming Home Scent with Nest Fragrances Driftwood & Chamomile

Sending everyone my best wishes. Spring is finally here and I’ve been doing my organizing/spring cleaning for the past couple of weeks. For spring I love to see every corner of my house organized and set up in the best possible way (I’ve updated my kitchen organization post – linked HERE). I like to bring newness, something I add to the home decor or I swape up things around to bring freshness, and home scents play a huge role in how I want to refresh the look of my home. If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your home with a good scent Nest Fragrance just introduced their new Driftwood & Chamomile Collection.

I love good-smelling candles and home scents that help pick up my mood. I do rotate my home scents each season and every season I get to find the most amazing home scents launches from Nest Fragrances which they kindly sent over for me to discover and every single time I get impressed with their presentation and combination of notes they put together.

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For this time of the year Nest Fragrances just launched the Driftwood & Chamomile Collection which is a scent that clams and comforts your mind with notes of chamomile, driftwood and sandalwood (I definitely needed this scent). The brand has become my favourite and their Reed Diffusers are quite worth the splurge. I’ve tried almost every single scent from the brand and loved every single one (you can find reviews under home decor).

Here is a closer look at the collection and its details:

The collection has an earthy and woody style that warms up the room. The collection also comes in the most beautiful light blue jars and waxes that go well with any home decor. You can find the collection at all Nest Fragrances counters as well as online at Sephora, Nordstrom and

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I am getting ready for Noruwz which is the Persian year to start a new year and can’t be happier than that my entire home looks just the way I wanted. I will have a post coming soon sharing a few things we like to do to celebrate this upcoming new year.


Holiday Home Decor with Nest Fragrances Blue Cypress & Snow

Nest Fragrance’s new Holiday collection is here and as usual, I am super excited to make it go along with my home decor for 2021. This holiday season Nest Fragrance introduces their new limited-edition candles and Reed Diffusers infused with notes such as Blue cypress, juniper berry, a smoked vanilla bean which makes it perfect for this holiday season. The Blue cypress & Snow collection is inspired by the aromas of snow-covered mountains. The collection is consists of:

I am a huge lover of the brand and love how each time they bring the best combination of notes that is perfect for the season as well as the entire silver details on the glass vessel etched with elegant, frosted stripes to complement any home decor easily. As many know I don’t celebrate Christmas but I adore the entire vibe and love to bring that little hint of the season inside my home.

I have moved out all my pampas grasses and brought in some small details like dry pinecones ornaments with snowflakes and portable wired lights and played around with my other home decor pieces around the house to bring changes. Other than that I kept the decor simple and easy to navigate for my kids.

There are still a few things missing from my living room like wall decor arts on both sides of the fireplace that might take some time for me to decide on them.

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I have tried to link everything below for you and hope you enjoyed this post and has inspired you for your holiday season’s home decore.

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