LANEIGE | Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence and Capsule Mist

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Even though I never had tried any Korean beauty products before but I have had heard a lot about their skin care products. Korean skin care was something that I’ve been interested in for a very long time. My sister have been raving about Korean skin care items such as essences, pore packs, watery creams, yogurt masks and brightening sparkling water foams for a long time. As a beauty blogger I find it easy to navigate through cosmetic products, but for skin care, understanding the uses and benefits of creams, solid oils and masks are foreign to me. Even after receive couple of products for reviewing purposes from Laneige team, I was feeling a little nerves since it was totally some thing new to me. I wanted to thank the Laneige team for sending me two new products that just have been launched in June which is designed exclusively for Sephora. These are called Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence and Brightening Sparkling Water Capsule Mist. Both are used to brighten the complexion for more radiant and clear looking skin. I have been using both products for a while now and to be honest I love how it have brighten my skin. And as you all know I have dry skin and hydration is some thing I always seek in my skin care, these Sparkling Waters have given life to my dry skin. Sparkling water have become all the rage and you may have seen them pop into the beauty stores now everywhere. Sparkling Water is very popular in Korean beauty and here is why:

Sparkling water has amazing benefits for the skin:

  • Carbonation stimulates blood circulation and skin-cell turnover for clearer, more vibrant skin
  • The bubbles burst upon contact, releasing minerals to rejuvenate skin, resulting in a luminous complexion
  • Water delivers hydration as well as acts as a vehicle for nutrients that help revive skin, giving it an all-over glow
  • Bright and refreshing, it feels instantly cool on the skin, perfect for the summer heat

Up first the Brightening Sparkling Water Pop Essence C$46 for 100 ml is a sparkling water with carbon air bubbles and sparkling water which makes skin looking radiant and glowing by dead skin cell turnover and with micro carbon massage. It is very light weight and it bubble-burst once you dispense which have a very cooling effect on skin. Skin feels fresh right after applying and it is infused with 31 percent, mineral enriched sparkling water, which helps melt away the dead skin and offers a deep hydration into the skin. I loved how it’s totally gentle on my sensitive skin and doesn’t makes skin more sensitive to the sun which was a plus point for me, I usually don’t like the brightening serums and creams just because you always have to follow-up with a sun protector. You can easily add this to your daily routine, I have been using it three times a week just right after my serum and before my moisturizer every morning, I must say I love the bubbling and cooling sensation on my skin. It comes in a nice and sleek metal container with spray kind of nasal. The metal container keeps the product nice and cool. As many of you know I always love to know that my skin care is Parabens and Phthalates.

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Next up the Brightening Sparkling Water Capsule Mist C$36 for 120 ml is a hydrating face mist, which is infused with sparkling water and freshens up the skin right away. This one is known for it’s purifying and detoxifying properties, I loved how it brightens and adds healthiness to the skin immediately. You can apply it on the skin before and after the makeup for a fresh looking skin. It is enclosed with two sparkling water capsules for you to active them when you want. It’s infused with a blend of billberry, sugar cane, lemon, sugar maple and orange. I felt using it on hot days really adds freshness and brightness to my skin. I have been using them together for a while now. I usually don’t use toner, once in a while when I feel I need to detox my skin but I have been using this mist as my toner, I have been applying it just right after I clean my face during day and night, it gives instant hydration to the complexion, skin feels fresh and you can literally see it glowing.
It comes in nice clear bottle with a nice spray nasal, which evenly distributes the Sparkling mist to the skin. Even though it haven’t directed but I have been spraying the mist on my hands when I feel they’re dehydrated especially while I am on the go, I don’t like the sticky feeling while I am driving, I must say it keeps my hands nice and soft.

FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender (4) FullSizeRender (5)Over all a huge thumbs up for these two Brightening Sparkling products from Laneige. They have been working so well on my skin, I am totally loving them and definitely stack few for winter time since my skin gets dehydrated during winter time. Since I was really impressed with the Laneige products will browse in their counter and will try few more products and will soon update you all with it. You can find these in Sephora online and in stores.