Monat | New C. Radiance Illuminating Serum, Night Haven Overnight Age Control Cream & 30 Second Miracle Instant Perfector

Monat launched new skin care products to their skincare line. Being new to the brand I still need to figure out their skincare line in terms of their effectiveness. I absolutely love how the brand have narrow it down to two basic lines to make it easy to use:

  • Be Gentle Routine – this is routine is designed for a dry-sensitive skin, with nice a richness that keeps the skin super soft and smooth through out the day.
  • Be Balanced Routine – this is a routine designed for normal-combination skin. Its carries a very lightweight texture that doesn’t feel heavy on skin while it really gets into the skin.

Each routine carries a full 3 step skin care routine, it carries a complete skin care routine from cleanser, serum and to moisturizer as well as they just introduce couple of new skin care items that takes you a little further with your every day routine. The packaging is quite nice and has a very nice luxurious look into it. Here today I have for review some of the new products that they just launched recently.

C. Radiance Illuminating Serum ($124 for 30 mL) is a brightening and enhancing serum that really adds a nice glow to the complexion. Its formulated with 15% vitamin C that I find is a good dose for all skin textures. It gets into the skin immediately while it adds a super nice radiance to the skin leaving a nice youthful-looking glow that is I’m really impressed with. Its light weight and has a super refreshing scent into it. I have introduced it to my morning routine where it feels super nourishing to the complexion.

Night Haven Overnight Age Control Cream ($104 for 50 mL) is newly added skin care product which is a nice whipped textured cream that melts into the skin while refreshes and renews skin. It has a very nourishing feel into it as well. Its designed to boost skin’s natural renewal process waking up with a super soft and more improved skin.

It helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while its ideal for all skin types and textures. Its light weight and doesn’t feel heavy on skin. As I do my nightly skin care routine about two to three hours before going to bed just so the product really gets into my skin before it gets transferred into my bed’s pillow but I find this one doesn’t set on skin at all.

30 Second Miracle Instant Perfector ($117 for 15 ml) is a temporary quick-fix that instantly tightens those not so smooth areas line fine lines and wrinkles that we don’t feel confident most of the times. This refreshes and brings youthful to those areas but only lasts for hours. You can use this as a tightening or erasing wand for an instant plumpness.

It starts its magic within 30 seconds of application and lasts for up 6 to 10 hours while it doesn’t interfere with out makeup application. Its definitely designed for all skin types and textures. I was very excited to test this for the fact my fine lines does appear more obvious with thicker texture foundations and concealers, so it would be a good escape for those heavy makeup looks. I find it light weight, it helps prevent that obvious looks of fine lines or wrinkles but it doesn’t make them disappear at all.

Bottom line, I am impressed with their presentation and quality of product. I have yet to try more in their lineup but I have been really impressed with what I have tried from them. Their products are gentle but effective with a very clean ingredient list. I really like that they care about their ingredients list and on how they make their products. You can find their products at