Favorite Foundations for Dry Skin & Oily skin

I have been receiving messages about foundations for different skin type and textures. I’ve been testing some new base formulas over the past few months. I have an assortment of foundations to share today by coverage type which I’ve found suitable for Dry to Oily combination skin. I personally have normal combination skin and I still have super sensitive skin that reacts to a lot of foundations. it is very hard to find a perfect foundation, and I guess one of the reasons are there are too many choices. I personally love to try out new foundation each season with different textures and coverage. I have a combination skin where it is normal during summer season and dry during the winter time, so I usually use different foundations for each season. Plus I have played some makeup artistry for some time with different skin textures.

Swatches from some of the foundations:FullSizeRender

I’ve split the foundation edit into two categories: Medium-to-Full Coverage and Natural Sheer Coverage with three options for Dry and Oily skin . My personal foundation preference is for something that is natural looking and lightweight but also has decent coverage to even out the skin and create a flawless base. Many have asked me if it’s necessary for add-ons like primers and powder. I don’t think all foundations need a primer, but I’m a firm believer in setting with powder. Many times I set with a powder foundation by dusting the face with a brush. Some think it’s too much to layer powder foundation on top of liquid foundation but if you layer it right, it’s not too much. Here are some round-up of foundations with different coverage that I think works the best:

Top 3 Full to Medium Coverage Foundations for Dry skin

1. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation (C$58 for 1 oz)
Silk Crème Moisturizing Photo Edition Foundation carries a moisturizing formula with a flawless and natural looking finish. I love how it beautifully blends into the skin and gives skin radiant glow. This is totally ideal for videos, photos and especial events, it doesn’t separate like some other foundations. Perfect for dry skin, it does give a nice hydration to the skin. Comes in 12 beautiful shades with different undertones to cover all skin tones with a good lasting power up to 12 hours.

2. Two Faced Born This Way (C$59 for 1 oz)
This is a foundation that I can use all the time, I love the texture. This is an oil free foundation for most natural looking with radiant finish. It is totally undetectable on skin, covers all the imperfections of the skin and gives a natural, luminous and flawless complexion. With this foundation I think you can really control the coverage, from light and natural to fully cover the skin, it is totally buildable. This is one of the foundations that I can carry it while I travel and would be perfect for any time of the day or occasion. I also love the rage of shades that this comes in, there is a great rage of shades to enhance every one’s skin.


3. Yves Saint Laurent Le Teint Touche Eclat (C$64 for 1 oz)
This one of my all time favorite foundation I have been using this from more than 10 years now but yet in advance formula. The lasting power is amazing which is up to 8 hours and gives skin a healthy look with luminous finish. Love how it evens out the skin and comes in great range of shades up to 19 different shades. It directly targets the dullness and instantly improves the skins brightness and luminosity and totally undetectable on skin. I know you’re going to love me for this, I find with this foundation you can use it day and night, and people would give you complements on your skin.

Top 3 Full to Medium Coverage Foundations for Oily Skin

1. Makeup Forever Ultra HD (C$52 for 1.01 oz)
This is one of the best foundations I know for oily skin, comes in 42 shades to cover all skin tones. This foundation is specially designed for photos and videos, greats a flawless complexion which created a real photoshoped looking skin. I love how it doesn’t oxidize and blends into the skin beautifully with a great lasting power (fully reviewed here). Even though I don’t have an oily skin but I wear this foundation in events where I love to take photos and videos, since the light of cameras delivers high heat so this one stays on beautifully on my skin plus it photographs beautifully. I found for my skin it doesn’t really matter what kind of primer I use since my skin is not on oily side but if your skin is supper oily you want to use a gel based primer than liquid, that way you can get a better result and stays on better. 


2. Estee Lauder Double wear foundation (C$45 for 1 oz)
This one of foundation that always stays with me no matter what, you know I don’t have an oily skin but it gives me a perfect finish during those humid days as well as perfect for those nights when I hit the floor. I would say this is one sweat proof foundations that sticks to your skin like a tattoo (fully reviewed here). I love to apply it with a wet beauty blender for a flawless finish, it does dry matte but some times I do add a drop of essential oil like (Argan oil from Josie Marran or Multi-Purpose Dry Oil from Nuxe) to create a nice luminous finish plus it gives my dry skin a little life. It does dries darker after wearing, so be sure to pick up some samples before purchasing.

3. Nars All Day Luminous (C$59 for 1 oz)
You either like this or love it, this is a holy grail for full coverage foundations. I love this for every day! even though I don’t have an oily skin but it lasted on my normal skin all day long and covers the face really well during summer time. This is a weightless foundation that delivers full coverage with just one drop. I love wearing this foundation during very hot and humid summer days, it stays on beautifully without moving. It instantly naturalize the redness and dullness in skin plus evens out the skin with a seamless finish. If you have a dry skin like me you can always add a drop of your favorite serum or oil to make it work for your skin.

Sheer coverage foundations for Dry skin

1. Stila Aqua glow (C$59 for 1 oz)
This is an ultra-lightweight, ionized, water-based foundation with buildable and natural-looking coverage. It blends into the skin seamlessly and the serum formula helps hydrate and nourish the skin so it glows with a full radiance. I received as a press sample a couple of months ago to give it a try (fully reviewed here). I have to say it far exceeded my expectations – the concept of a serum foundation didn’t sound appealing to me since most serum foundations tent to separates and often look too dewy on my skin. This formula has thoroughly impressed me. This foundation gives the natural look to the skin and feels like skin.

2. Dior Skin Nude (C$62 for 1 oz)
This is a foundation that I am familiar with while I grew up, because my mom also carries the same skin texture as mine, combination and I feel this was my mom’s all time favorite, I have seen how this bottle change throughout the years. This is a very hydrating foundation which gives the right amount of coverage for a naturally looking or I should say bare-skin effect. What I like about this foundation the most is that it carries an SPF 15 so with continued use, it will improve the skin’s texture and gives skin a natural radiance. I wish they had more in between shades, even though it comes with my perfect match but I find for most ladies it is very hard to find a perfect match for them.


3. MAC face and body foundation (C$32 for 1.7 oz)
My fave Mac foundation that is a must have for all makeup artists for their kits. This one is one of my holy grail base products because it’s really not like a traditional foundations or tented moisturizers. When my friends ask me for a recommendation on a foundation that’s natural this is the one I recommend first. It’s a classic one from Mac and you can’t go wrong with it. I know how some don’t like the sheer foundations or tented moisturizers because they’re too sheer and greasy, but not this one. It’s more like a natural foundation with a super lightweight texture that makes the skin glow naturally. If you haven’t tried this formula I highly recommend you do. It has the perfect natural coverage and glows without feeling too glowy and doesn’t get greasy or too emollient throughout the day. You can mix this foundation with your full coverage foundations if you want more of a sheer coverage. Use with a flat top brush and set with loose powder. Colour range works differently to regular MAC shades so ask for a few samples to try.

I couldn’t get all the sample shades but there are 13 beautiful shades to enhance everyone’s skin.

Sheer coverage foundations for Oily skin

1. Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tent (C$54 for 1.7 oz)
This is an oil-free skin tint which evens out the skin tone plus controls shine. It delivers a matte skin finish, I love how it blurs the imperfections (fully reviewed here). Comes in great range of shades but I find there is less shades for lighter skin tones, I have to mix two shades to get a perfect match but still I love how it creates a soft focus effect to the skin. I you have an oily skin you know the important of matte finish foundations or tented moisturizers.

2) L’oreal Nude Magique foundation
Liquid foundation, very watery, sheer and dries matte. Comes in great range of shades with glass bottle, inexpensive, little goes a long way. This foundation feels like nothing on the skin, feather light and I feel like I could breathe. This is one of the best drug store foundations for oily skin. You have to make sure to shake bottle before using and apply with fingers. You can build up the coverage but it’s a great every day foundation for work or school.

3) Hour Glass Immaculate Liquid To Powder Foundation (C$64 for 1 oz)
I love Hour Glass Foundations since they are in high-tech categories and this one offers and exceptional oil absorption which is perfect for oily skin. It is an oil free, humidity-free and water-resistant which camouflage the imperfections and doesn’t look flat. This foundation transforms from liquid to powder with no time with a matte finish. I find with this foundation you have to be quick enough to blend it into the skin immediately. This is one of the foundations that doesn’t really work for me since but I find it works wonders on really oils skin and creates the most natural and beautiful complexion, the only thing with these foundation is that they do oxidize, so trying a few shades before purchasing is not a bad idea since they’re in high price range.

If you’re looking for a new foundation to try, I hope you found this roundup helpful. I tried to have some thing for every one. Finding the right foundation can take time. There are so many factors to consider from color matching, formula, finish and lasting power as well as skin texture. As usual, I’d love to hear about your foundation favorites or new discoveries, please feel free to comment on my Instagram page by letting me know which one was your favorite.