Shiseido | ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate

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ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate serum from Shiseido is a one-of-a-kind, boosting, power-infusing face concentrate for youthful-looking skin. It strengthens the skin’s natural powers of defense, enabling it to build it’s own beauty. It comes in two different sizes: C$75 for 1 oz. and C$115 for 1.6 oz. and comes in a beautiful glassed bottle. I would say this is an enhancer serum that gives a boost to your skin care routine. It’s very light and a little goes along way, for me one pump was good enough to cover my entire face. This ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate serum from Shiseido comes in a convenient pump dispenser bottle which I always prefer my skin care especially serums. And I loved how you can really control the amount of product with the pumper, I do extent my skin care to the neck area and I could get half pump more product to go over my neck area. The serum texture is on the thin side with a slight gel-like finish but blends easily into the skin.

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I have been wearing this ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate for four weeks now I have seen a dramatically change since I have started using it. I had some discoloration around my chin area which I had recently developed, and those discolorations that was bothering me for a very long time, I must say they were gone within four days of use of the product. It improved my skin’s texture significantly after couple of weeks. This was gentle enough for my sensitive skin and I have noticed better skin texture, clearer complexion and a glow. If you really want a change on your skin use it with your other serums, you will notice a huge change on your skin plus you would use less of your other products. As for my long readers know how I always suffer from dark circles, this have improved those dark circles significantly with the combination of my eye cream. I have been using it with my Capture Totale Dreamskin serum (I will be reviewing my experience soon) from Dior to follow and I am amazed how it works wonders. It is always good idea to stay within the line, and I would suggest if you’re looking for a game changer then combine it with Bio-Performance Glow Revival Serum from Shiseido.

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For now I would say I love, love this serum. I feel a dream skin I have ever wanted. feels smooth and silky with no discoloration. I must admit that my skin have never look this glowing before, I have been receiving comments on my skin texture from my sisters and they have been asking me what I have done differently than before. A huge thumbs up from me, you can find this ULTIMUNE Power Infusing Concentrate serum from Shiseido in any Department stores as well as your local Beauty Boutique in Shoppers Drug mart and online at