IMG_0457Here I have experienced a new brand calls Beautycounter. I always knew using too much or different products are not safe for your skin and body, and I always been connecting with some of the brands that I felt I can trust them with the ingredients that they use. Coming across this brand after almost a year in this blogging professional, I am so please to introduce my readers to this amazing brand Beautycounter. BeautyCounter is a brand based on using non-harmful ingredients and to provide safer products into the hands of everyone. Beautycounter carries a great range of products from skin care, make-up line, bath and body products. Some beauty products that were sent out to me for review consideration includes: Translucent Color Lip Sheer, Lip Gloss, Touchup Skin Concealer Pen, Color Outline Eye Pencil.


  • Translucent Color lip sheer C$38 is also a light weight ultra-moisturizing lipstick. It has a sheer and transparent coverage with high shine. It comes in nine different shades to cover all skin tones plus, there’s no synthetic fragrance. You can get the true color by going back and forth for a couple of time but since you all know me by now I am a natural beauty lover so it has become a big hit for me. The lasting power was pretty good, it lasted on my lips for more than 2 hours which normally lipsticks doesn’t stay that long on my lips. I did wear it with mac’s lips pencil in Spice and I must say it is a great combo.
    IMG_0458 IMG_0456Comparison swatches:
    Nude from Beautycounter
    Honey love from M.A.C
    Nude Beige from Burberry (reviewed here)
  • Lip Gloss C$36 is a moisturizing Lip Gloss that goes on smoothly with no stickiness. It’s very light weight and creates a nice fuller lip illusion when applied to the center of the lips. The texture is very light and transparent, Its unique teardrop applicator delivers the perfect amount of sheer, infinitely wearable color with subtle shine.IMG_0459
  • Touchup Skin Concealer Pen C$ 40  is a light weight concealer that is designed to cover dark circles and  to even out the skin’s imperfection. It comes in a pen like applicator package with a brush in tip. It comes in 5 different shades to cover all skin tones. The texture is very light and has a light to medium coverage. It’s very easy to blend and gives a great glow to the skin. I find it’s perfect to use it for highlighting purposes, gives skin a perfect glow plus, the click-pen and brush applicator make it easy to apply just the right amount and the perfect size brush which perfectly covers some of the face parts, like the bridge of the nose, arch of the eyebrows as well as cube bows of lips. It lasted on my skin as any other normal concealer would stay, you can definitely add some powder to lock the product and make it last for longer.
  • Color Outline eye pencil is a two ended eye pencil which gives definition to the eyes. The texture is very smooth and blends well with the attached blending brush at the other end of the pencil. I always get excited when I see the blending brush at the other end of the pencil since it makes it easy to always smudge the lines with the same brush so it doesn’t get mixed with any other eye products with other makeup brushes. I got to test it in Navy where it’s a shade between blue and purple. I personally loved the pencil eye liner since I usually use pencils on daily bases, I rarely use liquid liner unless it’s a night event.IMG_0493IMG_0494Bottom line I have been in love with this brand, it’s really quite unique compared to anything else I’ve tried. I personally would love to use products to enhance my beauty as well as be safe while I am wearing it. The Concealer has became a hit for me since I do use concealer almost every day because of my under eye dark circles as well as the Color eye pencil liner is a pure love. Plus Nude lips are always been my favorite all year long. I believe right now you can find them only online at BEAUTYCOUNTER.COM.