Fresh & Radiant Skin with La Prairie’s Newly formulated Skin Caviar Lux Cream + new tries

I’m super excited to share that La Prairie re-introduced their Skin Caviar Lux Cream, which is one of my favourite formulas from the brand. The Skin Caviar line is what I have loved for years, and I find the new formula is even better in texture and how it feels on the skin. In the meantime, I was sent two more products to try – Skin Caviar Lotion & Purifying Cream Cleanser. This is the perfect time to try these products as the weather changes and I love introducing more affluent skincare products to my routine.

The new Skin Caviar Lux Cream now comes in two different textures – Sheer and Rich to enhance different skin types. The Skin Caviar line is designed to add a firming and lifting effect to the skin. The formula carries Caviar Premier, Caviar Micro-Nutrients and Exclusive Cellular Complex to nourish and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles over time. I love how it feels on the skin!!

The main packaging and look of the cream remain the same. I personally do feel much difference in the texture of the formula compared to the original formula and rich texture.

I finally got to try the Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion which I wanted to get my hands on for quite some time. I have to say that Essence has been a game changer in my skincare routine plus it’s been more than 7 years that I have not neglected using it. This makes my skin feel nourished and hydrated immediately – I could see my skin look plumper than ever.

It does carry a nice rich milky texture and it feels perfect on the skin especially as drier months have started.

Last but not least, cleanser plays a huge role in my skincare routine as I wash my face twice a day and I am very particular about what I use. I love my cleanser to be gentle enough so it doesn’t irritate my skin over its use as I have dehydrated skin. This Purifying Cream Cleanser is one of the most gentle cleansers I’ve used and it removes all impurities leaving the skin soft and smooth. It doesn’t lather up like other cleansers – it has a very creamy and milky texture that feels like a moisturizer on the skin.

There is nothing missing in such skincare products and the brand is dear to me. They are one of the most luxurious skincare brand and so it comes with a price tag. I would say if you can afford it, it’s worth its price tag.

You can find reviews on each product from the brand on the Skin Caviar line here plus linking the products I’ve used and loved from the brand.

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