Best of Skin-Care 2017

I hope every one started New Year fresh and joyful. this year I have gone through so much in life and I believe it all contributes to your overall look, I was very lucky to get my hands to come of the best skin care products though out the year to keep up with a nice and glowing skin, the list is huge I wouldn’t recommend to use them all at once. I got to try out these products through out the year. I wasn’t into the oils as much as I used to, since I felt the texture and dryness have improved significantly, my skin have been looking radiant and glowing. Here is a round-up of skin care items that not only hit on to my vanity counter it also contributed a huge roll on to a nice smooth and glowing skin of mine.

  • When it comes to face tools I always step back since I have a very sensitive and dry skin and most of the face tools do irritate but the Smart Profile™ Face and Body have been one of the face tools that I have been supper gentle to my skin, reviewed here.
  • I got my hands to many face cleansers this year, Find Your Balance™ Oil Control Cleanser is one of the best cleansers I used, reviewed here, as well as the Hydra Life Lotion To Foam Fresh Cleanser is one of the gentle cleansers I used, reviewed here.
  • Face masks have been one of the beauty items that was trending every where this year and Water Sleeping Mask are gentle and are packed with hydration, I have been amazed with the outcome of both face and lip mask – fully reviewed here.
  • For those like me that don’t get time for masking the Capture Totale Dreamskin 1-Minute Mask is some thing you want to consider – fully reviewed here.
  • I really wanted to try out the Midnight Recovery Concentrate from a very long time, although this is not a new item but I would say a must for your nightly routine, reviewed here.
  • Here is another face serum Jouviance Youth Boosting Night Serum that works like a booster. I have been loving it for that fresh and glowing looking skin, reviewed here
  • The Capture Totale Dreamskin Advanced formula is one of the best face serum I used, it literally gives that glow to your skin – reviewed here.
  • White Caviar Illuminating Pearl Infusion is an ultimate brightening face serum I tried this year – fully reviewed here.
  • There were many launches of hydrating serum and creams from many brands and one of the best formulas that I used this year is the new Hydractiv line from Jouviance, reviewed here.
  • We all want that nice soft glow to our over all look every day, the FreshFace Instant Glow Luminizer from Fresh Beauty was one of the items that not only add that soft and subtle glow to the skin it also keeps the skin well hydrated – read more here.
  • Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate was on of the best finds I made this year. Having dry skin is not flattering at all it enhance fine lines much sooner. This Eye cream is rich and keeps the area soft and smooth – reviewed here. I also tried the Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado reviewed here, was truly amazing with rich texture.
  • Dry lips is so no flattering at all, I have been testing and using quite some lip treatments, masks and scrubs this past year and the Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub have been phenomenon in terms of effectiveness – reviewed here.
  • Sugar Lip Treatment Advance Therapy and Sugar Lip Treatment Perfecting Wand been so good to me this year, they’re light and its perfect to prep the lips before lipstick application and perfect to carry it while you’re on the go, reviewed here.