Kiehl’s have been one of my favorite skin care brand from many years, I have had been used the Daily Reviving Concentrate and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate a while back and I was amazed with their products. I was thrilled to see a whole line of great products at the office from Kiehl’s to try out. I have had been thinking of going back to get the Daily Reviving Concentrate and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate for the fall season since my skin gets really dry during the weather transition, and I knew these oils prepare my skin during this transition from summer to fall. I received the following items to try out:

  • Midnight Recovery Concentrate
  • Ultra Facial Cream
  • Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado
  • Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash
  • Creme de Corps

Up first the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (C$81.00 for 50ml) is a repairing and regenerating concentrated oil that helps skin repair itself and restores skin during the time when the skin is least exposed to environmental toxins and stresses so the skin can absorb it better. The skin feels smooth and healthy looking in the morning, and after using it for couple of weeks you do notice a glow in your overall complexion. It also tightens the pores and leaves skin well hydrated in the morning. As many of my readers know by now that I carry a very dry skin and oils works wonders to me. This is one of the products that I can swear by and have been a must for my nightly skin care routine. I have had used this last fall since my skin had gone really dry and patchy and my makeup was not really setting on my skin due to dryness especially my concealer. I have been amazed on how great this product worked on my skin last transforming it to nice glowing skin – reviewed here. It comes in a glass bottle and dropper applicator where your need only four drops to four points of your face, and try to path the product into the skin. 

Next is the Ultra Facial Cream (C$62.00 for 125ml) is a hydrating facial cream that gets into the skin immediately and keeps the skin well hydrated all day long. It keeps the skin nice and smooth and healthy looking. The texture is non sticky and gets into the skin immediately. Although I felt there is a little of thickness into the cream where it keeps the skin moisture during the day. It makes a good base for your foundation. It’s perfect for those who seeks for hydration, it’s not designed for anti-aging. If you’re some one who wants to start with a good moisturizing cream I would highly recommend this Facial cream. Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado (C$61.00 for 28g) is an ultra moisturizing eye cream that provides immediate hydration to the under eye area and helps smooth out the delicate skin around the eye area for brighter and smoother skin. The texture is light and very creamy again not designed for anti-aging purposes but its one of the most hydrating eye creams I have ever used. It’s good for some on who’s looking for an eye cream that can prevent fine lines and wrinkles. Great eye cream to start with, the fact that its infused with avocado extract, its meant to keep the under eye area soft and smooth. Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash (C$37.00 for 200ml) is a foaming cleanser that cleanse and purifies the skin without stripping or feeling dry on skin. I loved the fact that its supper gentle on sensitive skin. The texture is light and creamy and transforms into a rich foam once gets in contact with water. I loved how it lather up light and leaves skin soft and smooth, it doesn’t feel dry at all after cleansing like many other face cleansers feels. It carries a pumping dispenser where it stands nicely on the counter top and makes it easy to dispense the product directly to the hands and have more control over the amount of product. Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque (C$35.00 for 125ml) is a facial mask formulated with Amazonian white clay. This helps skin cleanse and detox as well as it cleanse the clog pores. Using this mask twice a week really helps skin take out that extra oil that builds up especially during day when the skin is most exposed to environmental toxins. I personally love clay masks for the fact that they carry minerals.
Apply a thin layer to damp and clean skin, make sure to avoid the under eye area and leave it about 10 minutes. The clay starts to dry up, gently remove it with a warm and wet towel and rise off the face. It’s perfect for all skin types but I found it works great on oily skin since it really absorbs the excess oil from the skin. If you carry an oily skin I would recommend to use it two to three-time a week for more effective results. 

Last but not least for sure is the Creme de Corps (C$39.00 for 250ml) is a rich moisturizing body cream that moisturizer the skin and leaves skin smooth. The texture is non sticky and melts into the skin without feeling greasy or thick on the skin. This was my first time using their body cream and I was very impressed. I use body creams and lotions all year along especially during fall and winter time where my whole body’s skin flaks if I don’t pay that extra attention. I loved how this body cream carried my skin soft and smooth.

Bottom line, impressed! I was very happy with the whole selection of the products, I could definitely trust this brand blindly. There are many brands right now with different offerings, I would say if you’re some one whose lost on where to start. I would highly recommend to trust Kiehl’s and give it a try, I promise you won’t be disappointed. You have to keep in mind that most of the products are good for prevention, not correction.

Many thank to the Kiehl’s for sending these amazing selection of products for reviewing purposes.