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Fresh Beauty have launched some new lip treatment formulas as well as some new additions of shades and formulas to some of their lip treatments. Fresh Beauty have been one of my ultimate destination for lip treatments like scrubbers , moisturizers and some advance treatments for a soft and smooth lips. Having a soft and smooth lips are must for a beautiful finish of lipstick. Fresh Beauty carries a great range of lip treatments for incredibly soft and smooth lips all year long and here are some of the new formulas and additions:


Sugar Lip Treatment Perfecting Wand (C$24.00 for 3ml/0.1oz) is a lip treatment that buffs off the dry skin off lips while nourishes lips instantly for a soft and smooth texture. It carries a clear and transparent texture and offers a soft glow to the lips while keeping the lips hydrated. Gently massage the formula onto the lips with the wand using small, circular motions. Can be applied as often as desired. The formula is supper light, you can apply it few minutes before applying your lipstick and it will help buff off all dry patches and prep lips for lipstick application. This is perfect for those with dry patches and dry lips.

Sugar Lip Caramel Hydrating Balm (C$18.00 for 6g) is a rich and moisturizing lip treatment that smoothes out the lips immediately. The formula is light and carries a velvety sheen texture. This is a perfect on the go makeup bag essential that can be carried with you all the time. It gives a nice a smooth finish to the lips while keeps the lips well hydrated all day long with a sweet taste of caramel. You can use the Sugar Lip Balm along with the Sugar Lip Treatment wand for more effective results. It’s perfect for all lips to keep them nice and soft as well as you can use it along with any other lip treatment.

Sugar Lip Treatment Advance Therapy (C$26.00) this is an ultra nourishing lip treatment that boosts lips moisture and improves the definition of the lip area. This is one of my favorite product from the collection, it also comes in pot. I have been using this in balm form from a year now and it works like wonder to the lips. I was very happy to this this Advance therapy in this packaging, where it makes it easy to carry it along any where with easy application. It carries a transparent and clear coverage with a creamy texture. This one is perfect for those with very dry lips and can be used under any lipstick or lip balm for more effective results.

Sugar Candy Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen 15 (C$24.00) is a nourishing tinted lip treatment that moisturizes and protects the lips while offers a bright pink tint on lips. This is a new shade to the collection which gives lips a nice and bright finish. The creamy, cushiony formula coats lips with liquid color for a soft, modern glow. I have had in love with their Nude collection that was launched last winter (reviewed here). I always carry one of these in my makeup bag for a quick lip treatment when I’m out, it offers protection, hydration and enough color to the lips.

Both Sugar Lip Treatment and Sugar Candy Tinted come in same packaging and texture. The packaging is really convenient to carry while you’re on the go, especially while you’re travelling, it fits into any hand bag easily. You can use both on top of each other, Sugar Candy for a nice fresh lip look while the Sugar Lip treatment targets the lips dryness all day long.

Sugar Cream Lip Treatment (C$24.00) is a creamy and light weight lip treatment formula for a softer and smoother lips with a nice and shimmery texture. These are not new to me, I have had the other three shades from the collection (Blush, Buff and Pink) reviewed here. There are I believe three new shades (Pearl, Baby and Gild), I have already been using this for a while now, they come in beautiful shades and with fruity taste I love to wear all the time. The texture is creamy with a sheer and transparent finish. It gives lips a nice soft pearly and shimmery glow. Its a perfect every day lip treatment wear, it not only gives lips a nice glow it also provides all day moisture. You can also pair it with one of your favorite lip pencils for more definition as well a wear over or under you lipstick either for a nice glow or hydration.

Overall I believe Fresh Beauty makes the best lip treatments for a soft and smooth lips all year long. You can choose any of the above formulas and it will transform your dry lips to a well hydrated lips you always dreamed of. I do use them mix depending on my mood and how intense is the dryness. For me Sugar Lip Advance Therapy and Sugar Candy Tined is a must, it literally gives life to my lips and offer immediate hydration when I need the most. You can find all these Fresh Beauty Lip treatments at Sephora as well as

Press samples were provided by Fresh Beauty.