Dior is introducing a new innovated natural skin care line Dior’s Hydra Life which is Dior’s first ultra-sensorial hydrating skin care line with highly concentrated natural ingredients. Dior’s newly formulated Hydra Life line carries a selection of 9 new products that hydrates the skin with gentle and natural ingredients. This collection includes, deep hydration Sorbet Cream, water essence, treatment mask and cleansers. The collection comes in bright and fresh looking colorful packaging. I have had used couple of products from the Hydra Life Pro-Youth  line for many years, while I was in my early 20’s. This line is perfect for those who want to start with a skin care line, its gentle and targets the dullness and uneven skin tone. It’s designed for young ladies who love to show their bare skin, it literally gives a radiant and plumed looking complexion. I was very excited to try some of the newly formulated products from the Hydra Life line. Today I’m reviewing:

Up first the Hydra Life Fresh Hydration Sorbet Crème (C$82.00 for 50 ml) is a lightweight gel like cream that delivers hydration to the skin immediately, leaving skin radiant and plumped looking. It’s designed for all skin texture (normal, oily, combination, dry and sensitive). The texture is very gel like and gets into the skin immediately. Although I do like more like creamy textured moisturizers, for the fact that it keeps my skin hydrated for longer period of time. But I was very impressed with the hydrating power of this gel like moisturizer. I feel it’s perfect for all year-long especially for those hot and humid summer days where you don’t want to wear any thing on skin. This Hydra Life Sorbet crème offers enough hydration throughout the day for a soft and luminous looking skin.

Up next is the Hydra Life Extra Plump Smooth Balm Mask (C$79.00 for 50 ml) is a lightweight plumping facial mask. It’s infused with White Pine Oil which is the key ingredient in this mask which helps with the plumping of the skin. You can use it any time of the day, by applying a thick layer over all the face – avoiding eyes and lips. Leave on 3 minutes and you can wipe the access and you’re ready to go. I have been introducing this mask 1-2x per week into my daily skin care routine for the last three weeks now. I feel baby like soft skin the morning I use and definitely firmer than ever. As many of you know that I have been suffering from dry skin all the times but I feel not any more. My skin looks luminous and radiant lately. As many of my long readers and followers know by now how much I’m obsessed over (overnight masks). They clearly work much better than any masks I have ever used. This mask is good for those quick on the go days, where you need a quick boost to the skin for more radiant looking complexion.

Next is the Hydra Life Lotion To Foam Fresh Cleanser (C$49.00 each for Size 6.3 oz/ 190 ml) is a lotion-to-foam cleanser that gently removes makeup. It works on all skin types and is designed to purify and refresh the skin at the same time. I’m an all in one person and this is one of my favorite products from the line. I have had used the Dior’s Hydra-Youth cleanser for their multipurpose action for many years now. This cleanser removes makeup, cleanse, purifies and tones the skin at the same time. The texture is watery lotion but it turns into the foam as soon as it runs into your hands. It doesn’t lathers up like any other cleansers. It’s super gentle while targets all the impurities from makeup and environment.
I loved the pump up packaging, it sets nicely on my vanity counter and adds a nice look to it. Plus the pumping dispenser really makes it easy to dispense a perfect amount of product each time.

Last is the Hydra Life Oil To Milk Makeup Removing Cleanser (C$49.00 each for Size 6.7 oz/ 200 ml) is a nourishing make up remover. It’s formulated with sweet almond oil which removes makeup (even waterproof makeup) effectively while keeping the skin well nourished. I was not very impressed with the oily feeling after words, although I was very pleased with this product as it works pretty good on my dry skin but I am not sure if it would work the same way for oily and combination skin as well. This is some thing you need to try out your self to see how it works. I personally use two step to remove my makeup at the end of the day. First I remove my makeup with a makeup remover then I use makeup cleanser to remove the rest of impurities. So I really didn’t mind the oily feeling of the makeup remover at all. But if you’re some one who removes makeup with a makeup remover then this wouldn’t be some thing I recommend. If I’m using one step to remove my makeup I love the Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O as well as the Bioderma’s 3 in 1 cleansing milk are my favorite makeup removers. I loved the packaging and the tip lock pump innovation, where it doesn’t leak while you’re on the go.

Over all a huge thumbs up to the newly formulated Hydra Life line from Dior. As I mentioned before Dior is one of the brands that I trust blindly and I was very impressed with all these new innovated products. They are supper gentle on sensitive skin and delivers a nice glowing skin immediately after couple of use. I loved the fun colored looking packaging. If you’re some one who are looking for a skin care line to start with and especially of you’re in your early 20’s, this is definitely some thing your want to consider. Dior Hydra Life line is available right now at Sephora.

Many thanks to the Dior team for sending the products for reviewing purposes.