Clarins | Double Serum

Clarins introduced a newly reformulated of Double Serum (C$89 for 30 ml and 210 for 50 ml) which is a two in one facial serum formula. The new Double serum is formulated with 20+1 potent plant extracts. Its a serum that targets loss of firmness and elasticity of the skin as well as evens out the skin texture. This serum is formulated with 20+1 potent anti aging plant extracts and is enriched with anti aging star ingredient, turmeric to effectively target any aging concerns like wrinkles and fine lines. It gives skin a very nice radiance and glow immediately. The formula is light weight and the new advance double pump system delivers a perfect amount of water base and oil based ingredients. This unique double pump system preserve the integrity of the liposoluble and hydrosoluble ingredients, where you can really see the oil and water extract gets active in your own balm. The packaging definitely is unique and well designed for all skin types and textures, the new adjustable push button system make it easy to customize the amount of product dispensed depending on your own skin needs, type or the climate.

  1. Nomrmal to dry skin or Cold climates
  2. Normail to combination/oily skin or Hot climates

I introduced this Double Serum into my morning routine for about two weeks now and I have seen an overall glow and more even out texture skin. It keeps the skin well hydrated and you get a perfect combination of oils and water extracts – keeping the skin looking fresh all day long. For me two pumps (#1) were good enough to cover my entire face and neck area during this harsh winter months. I’m feeling one would be good enough during summer time. I also have been wearing one pump under my foundation using the (#2) to awaken the skin and for a flawless finish.

At the end I have heard a lot about the Double Serum from Clarins from many years, its a the top of Clarins list of ‘iconic’ products and symbolizes all of the Clarins philosophy, but I never had the chance to give it a try. I was supper happy when I got my hands to the newly formulated Double Serum from the brand this year and I must say it did exceeded my expectations in terms of performance and reliability. It literally gives skin a nice glow. You can find the Double serum at all department stores at Clarins counter as well as Sephora and

Double Serum sent courtesy of the Clarins team for editorial purposes.