Fresh Beauty is one of the brands that I truly trust their skin care products. Usually I am very picky using skin cares and treatments. I have had couple of flops with some face treatments before which made me more careful choosing a skin care treatments for my sensitive skin especially when it comes to nightly routine. I have been testing some of the Black Tea line products from Fresh Beauty, which have been working wonders on my skin includes:

Up first the Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask (C$112.00 Size 3.3 oz/ 100 ml) is a moisturizing overnight facial treatment that works on skin’s aging process. As many of you know I love the overnight mask for their effectiveness on dry yet gentle enough on sensitive skin. This Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask have a very soft and creamy whipped texture but on the thicker side that blends into the skin smoothly. It helps to improve the appearance of skin’s elasticity and firmness. I have been using it 1 – 2x per week for the last month and my skin feels nice, smooth and well hydrated the next morning. I have been seeing a dramatically result using this overnight mask for over the 4 weeks now. It’s very effective to address damaging free radicals and helps to improve the appearance of skin’s elasticity. It’s infused with belle de nuit extract which helps to soothe the skin. For me scents plays a big role during the night-time for me, this overnight mask have a very subtle and light scent which doesn’t interfere with my sleep.

Up next is the Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate (C$104.00 for Size 0.5 oz/ 15 ml) is a concentrated eye cream that helps to reduce the appearance of aging, dark circles and puffiness. It’s perfect for all skin textures, even sensitive skin. It’s formulated with Asian medicine and cutting-edge technology to diminish visible sign of aging. The texture is super moisturizing and creamy. It’s formulated with Black tea ferment (kombucha) which helps soften and brighten the appearance of skin. I don’t yet have fine lines around the eye area yet but I found this helpful with reducing the dark circles and keeping the area well hydrated for a longer period of time. A little goes a while with this cream, it lasted for a very long time for me.

Last but not least is the Black Tea Age-Delay Firming Serum (C$100 for 30 ml and C$130 for 50 ml) is a universal facial serum that helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles for more defined look. It’s perfect for all skin textures, and loved how it have been working on my sensitive skin. The Age Delay Firming Serum have proven to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. I meanly love this product for its effectiveness on dry skin, offering 24 hours of hydration while leaving skin radiant looking skin. It’s perfect for those who are concerned over the loss of firmness and elasticity or fine lines as well and dryness. It’s light weight and gets into the skin immediately. I meanly have been using this as a booster for me skin, only the times I needed an extra hydration or I have been mixing it with my foundations and concealers for a nice radiant finish to my complexion.

over all a huge thumbs up for all three products from Fresh Beauty. I have introduce them to my morning and night skin care routine for quite some time now. And I have seen a dramatically change in my skin. My skin looks much smoother and radiant than before. As many of you know the Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack mask (reviewed here) from The Estée Edit have been one of my most favorite overnight masks so far, but this one definitely have become a must product for me.
If you’re some one like me with dry skin, I would highly recommend to try out these products. They work amazingly on skin and you can see the results within couple of weeks. All these products are available at Sephora.