Thierry Mugler | Angel Eau de Parfum Étoile des Rêves & Angel Perfuming Body Cream

Thierry Mugler is introducing the new Angel Eau de Parfum Étoile des Rêves (C$146.00 for 100 ml) and Angel Perfuming Body Cream (C$120.00 for 200 ml). This time Mugler is celebrating its 25 years of oriental gourmands and they were really kind to send me the press samples to join the celebrations. Angel Eau de Parfum Étoile des Rêves is a night Eau de Parfum that is inspired by the glamorous boudoir tradition, it’s an intense version of Angel with an intoxicating fragrance that persists…all night long. I have had the pleasure to try out many different version of Angle perfume from the brand in the past couple of years like Angle Muse Hate to loveAngle Shooting Star, and Angel Eau Sucrée Eau de Toilette. The Angel Eau de Parfum Étoile des Rêves is light and carries a delicious and bewitching scent. It stays up amazing and have been working great with my body chemistry.

Angel Eau de Parfum Étoile des Rêves through its multiple facets:

  • 1st facet: bergamot
  • 2th facet: praline/hedione
  • 3th facet: vanilla/patchouli/musk

The packaging is quite traditional and unique with the galaxy inspired carvings, which makes it even more lux looking on top of your vanity. I loved how the whole collection of Angle comes in the same Blue tone shade.

Angel Perfuming Body Cream is a rich and creamy body moisturizer that carries the Thierry Mugler’s iconic Angel scent and with amazing sensual and passionate notes. The texture is soft and smoothes out the skin upon application. It have a pure and innocent style. The packaging is quite exquisite and beautiful, it definitely adds so much glam to look of your vanity. The scent stays up amazingly and interacts with your body’s chemistry. I adds up the scent of your Angel Eau de Parfum Étoile des Rêves to intensify plus it adds to the lasting power. I haven’t gone extreme and applied it all over my body but giving a little touch to my arms, top of my shoulders and knees offers a divine scent every time I move.

Top Notes:

  • Bergamot,
  • Red Berries
  • Vanilla/Patchouli


A huge thumbs up to this edition of Angle’s Perfume and Body Cream for its performance, quality and presentation. I have been obsessed over the combination of this Angle’s edition. Wishing Thierry Mugler a very happy 25 birthday of oriental gourmands, I would highly recommend to give this combo a try. You can find the Angel Eau de Parfum Étoile des Rêves and the Angel Perfuming Body Cream at Hudson’s Bay and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Many thanks to the Thierry Mugler team for sending the press samples.