New Beauty Launches from Urban Decay

Urban Decay Cosmetics launched quite new beauty products this season, especially brow products. Today this post will cover new brow products plus some of the new products I’ve been loving lately.

Urban Decay just launched a selection of brow products to bump up the look of the brows this season. This collection consists of 3 products – Brow Blade 2-in-1 Eyebrow Pen + Waterproof Pencil (C$38), Big Bush Volumizing Tinted Brow Gel (C$38) and Slick Day Strong-Hold Clear Brow Gel (C$38).

I’ve been excited to try these new products as brows frame the face and are essential in my daily routine. The products are designed to instantly fill, set, and add volume to the brows. Each of the brow products specifically targets brow needs. You can use them alone or use a combo to create your desired brows.

Brow Blade 2-in-1 Eyebrow Pen + Waterproof Pencil comes in 9 shades to enhance all hair colours. It is a dual-ended ink stain and waterproof eyebrow pencil that helps you fill in the brows with the pencil and has a precise microblade finish with an ink applicator that lasts all day. The application is straightforward to use and fills in the eyebrows instantly. I love that this doesn’t smudge and is resistant to water and sweat. I love pencils but the pen in this is a game changer!! it created hair-like strokes effortlessly. I think the pen works great for the first quarter of the eyebrows and the pencil on the outer part.

Big Bush Volumizing Tinted Brow Gel comes in 9 shades and is a tinted eyebrow gel that adds volume and fullness to the brows. It is designed to keep brows in place for the entire day and is smudge-resistant. You have full control over how much volume and tint you want to add to your brows, going from a natural look to fully volumizing brows by layering. This creates very natural brows and is very easy to use.

Slick Day Strong-Hold Clear Brow Gel is a clear gel that holds, tames and styles the brows for up to 24 hours without flaking. This new in-home eyebrow laminating product will change the brow game. The applicator is very unique featuring two different styles of combs. The flat side to press the product into the brows for a laminated look and the comb side to coat and lift the brows. The formula doesn’t leave any white cast or feel crunchy.

I’ve been enjoying this Slick Brow Gel the most as I’ve never used a brow product like this before. I tried all the products in different ways and with different combinations to see what’s the best. I have quite a full and well-shaped brows that don’t require lots of grooming. But I always need to add shadows or tint to enhance my brows. For me, the Brow Blade Pencil and Slick Day Brow Gel work great as a combo to create that viral laminated brow look. It stays in place for the entire day but requires time.

Big Bush Brow Gel creates a very natural and everyday kinda look. The hold is medium and wears off throughout the day but it adds volume and tinted to the brows and for me, it works for my busy days when I want something quick and easy that doesn’t require time.

Urban Decay also introduced the Space Cowboy Moondust Eyeshadow Palette (limited edition) for their MoonDust lovers. This palette features 4 viral Moondust multidimensional shimmery eyeshadows. I think we all have had a crush on one of these for its magnificent shimmery light-catching finish. I had this palette on my hand earlier during the holiday season but I couldn’t share it with you guys it’s never too late. I reviewed the older Moondust palette in 2016 (here) and it is still my favourite.
Urban Decay also repackaged their MoonDust single eyeshadows. They are much lighter in how they look and very easy to use. These have been my favourite glittery/shimmery eyeshadows.

They are straightforward to use and using eyeshadow primer helps keep the eyeshadow in place for a longer period. I have linked some of my favourite products from the brand below and you can find relative review blog posts here.

Here is a quick tutorial in action.

I would highly recommend the new Brow line from Urban Decay. Let me know what is your favourite product.

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