Sephora Sale 2023 Best in Skincare

The Sephora Savings Event has started on starts on Thursday 04/14 for Rouge Members! Today I’m rounding up the best in skin/Hair care to splurge on during the sale event. This round-up carries mostly new launches that you need to try + all-time favourite products/stables by category. I tried to keep the categories within the top 5 picks (less or more) plus linked the review post along for reference. The dates and details are as follows:


  • Rouge First Access, save 20% off 04/14 through 04/17
  • VIB Members, save 15% off 04/18 through 04/24
  • Insiders, save 10% off 04/18 through 04/24

Best Cleanser/Facial Balms & Oils

Best Cleansers:

Best Facial Balm/Oils:

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Best Facial Essence/Toner

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Best Serums/Moisturizers


Sun Protection

Best in Haircare

I hope you find this post helpful and find the items you need worth the splurge during Sephora Sale Event. Happy Shopping!