Victoria Beckham X Estee Lauder

I was waiting for the Victoria Backham X Estée Lauder collaboration collection to hit the beauty counters impatiently. I was supper excited to get my hands on some of the key products from the brand for reviewing purposes. Although this isn’t the new collection which I believe is designed for holiday season but this was my first time going over her makeup collection. Victoria Backham is one of the most beautiful and iconic figure in the beauty world and I have been looking to her as a makeup inspirational beauty for myself all the time. She is always about that glow and enhancing the natural beauty look all the time. Her main focus is always on eyes with creating vibrant and Smokey eyes is her signature look. The products that will be review today:

Up first is the Skin Perfecting Powder (C$110 for 0.29 oz) limited edition is a translucent powder with sheer coverage that reduces the appearance of pores and setts the foundation. The texture is light and have a smoothening effect on skin – it literally gives skin an airbrushed finish using a fluffy round powder brush. The powder carries a slightly yellow shade which evens out and brightens the skin tone for more radiant looking skin. Its a great to us it as a setting powder for those who doesn’t like to set their foundation with heavy duty powder like me. I personally love the dewy finish on my skin as well as since my skin is dry and using a powder makes my skin dry through out the day. This Skin Perfecting Powder is super light and doesn’t feel dry on the skin while it brightens and gives that fresh look through out the day. I wouldn’t suggest to use it as a touch up powder since it doesn’t have a coverage but it’s a good setting powder for your foundation.

It’s definitely comes in one of the most luxuries looking compact I have ever seen. “inspired by the vintage cigarette case I found in the Burlington Arcade in Mayfair, London”—Victoria Beckham as she describes the packing herself. It’s a very unique and beautiful looking compact with all golden details.

Up next is the Eye Matte Duo in Bleu Electrique Nude (C$78 for 0.06oz) is a highly pigmented eyeshadow duo in beautiful combination. The compacts was introduced in three different combination shades for a graphic eye look and I received this compact in this beautiful combination of electric blue and nude shade which is my all time favorite duo shadow look. The combination is very classic and gives a very chic look to the eyes.

The texture is light and with medium coverage, you can build the coverage but I found the blue shade do fade darker after wearing it for couple of hours, it doesn’t stay that true blue. Where I was very happy with the nude shade, although it doesn’t look like it have color but its a perfect transition shade. The nude shades tone sets some where in between the cool and warm tone.

Next is the Eye Kajal (C$49) is a double ended eye pencil with a very soft and creamy texture. The pigment is rich and hydrating, I was very impressed with first swatch. These eye pencils comes in three different shades where one side carries an eye brightening nude shade and the other end carries an intensely dark liner to enhance different eye color. It glides smoothly across water line and around the eyes for a bomb looking smoky eyes. I have had used a lot of nudes and white shades eye pencils but this one carries an ultra smooth and intensely pigment on both side of pencil whether you want to brighten the eyes with adding some nude shade in the waterline or make it all black, it works great. The stays input for a good amount of time without smearing. It does require a setting with a powder eyeshadow either a transition shade or more darker shade to seal it on its place for a longer period of time. It lasted on my eyes for the whole day, it does fade at the end of the day.

Next is the Bronzer in Java Sun (C$85 for 0.42oz) is a matte bronzer that adds a nice warmth to the complexion and overall sunkissed look. The texture is light with a medium but buildable coverage. It gives a nice naturally looking sunkissed look for more defined and sculpt look. The bronzer comes in two shades: Saffron Sun which is designed for light skin tone complexion and Java Sun which is perfect for more darker or medium skin tone complexion

It comes in a beautiful black leather compact with cold details and carries the same packaging look like all other compacts in the collection. The size of the pan is big enough to use a large bronzing or powder brush for that nice overall bronzed look. It doesn’t leave any harsh lines and blends beautifully all over the skin for that flawless look.

I personally loved the collection, it’s practical and durable and especially if you’re looking for some thing with really luxurious look this is definitely some thing you want to browse in. It does set high on the price point but I would say it is pretty convenient compare to many other brands price wise. The pieces I tried I was in love as I motioned very practical, the Skin Perfecting Powder is light and sets the foundation beautifully, same with the bronzer – it’s light and carries a good amount of colour to give you that sunkissed glow but buildable to your desire. The eyeshadow comes in perfect duo shade to give you that chic look all year long. I would highly to take a look at the pieces and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with it. Victoria Backham X Estée Lauder is now available at Sephora as well as

Many thanks to the Estee Lauder team for send these press materials for reviewing purposes.