Mugler Angle Muse | Hate to Love


Muglers have launched the new limited edition of Angle Muse Eau de Perfume (C$78 for ml and C$102 for ml) just couple of weeks ago. The New modern and addictive interpretation gormandize of Angle Muse which women will hate to love. We all have some thing that we hate to love, like I hate to get weight but yet still love to eat pizza, and I really do wish I never had discovered it, this Angle Muse is so addictive and will hook you to it that you’d wish you had never discovered it, the feeling of hate to love. If you liked the Angel – Eau Sucrée Eau de Toilette  you’ll love this one definitely, the two are quite different from each other but both have the same sweet notes which gives a very delightful feeling. The  Angel – Eau Sucrée Eau de Toilette  carries more notes yet the Angle Muse carries quite simple yet elegant note. The Angle Muse has a very woody and Gourmand style. I find the Angles Muse goes on very well on my skin, It has become my latest obsession, The Angle Muse is gormandize of subtle, soft yet very irresistible. Every time I wear the Angle Muse some one does notice the different yet amazing scent on me and believe it or not I have been getting so many compliments on how amazing it smells on my skin.



This Angle Muse comes with a modern and polarizing scent and new polished look. I loved how it comes in nice and sleek and totally different bottle which fits in any bags easily and add a glamorous look to my dresser and bathroom counter top. The design is very polished with a soft amber pink shade glass and carved star code which makes the Angle stand out. I feel this Angle Muse definitely some thing you should try.

Hazelnut CreamTop Notes – Grapefruit and Red berries
Heart Notes – Hazelnut
Base Notes – Vetiver – Patchouli

FullSizeRender (16)Over all I have been loving the new Angle Muse specially this season, it has a very sweet yet elegant scent that I am obsessed lately. The Angle Muse is available at Hudson’s Bay, Shoppers Drug Mart, Jean Coutu, Sephora, Nordstrom.