Mugler | Alien Divine Ornementation Limited Edition & Angel Arty Collector Cover Limited Edition

mugler-perfumeMugler have launch their two new additions Alien Divine Ornementation ($133 for 60ml) and Angel Arty Collector Cover ($98 for 25ml) this fall both are Limited Edition. I am a huge fan of Mugler perfumes, they always carry very exceptional scents and I have been very pleased with both the Alien line as well as the Angle line. Both perfumes would make a very thoughtful gifts this for this holiday season.

alien-perfumeAlien Divine Ornementation ($133 for 60ml) is a Limited Edition from the Alien line which has a mix of two types of jasmine that makes this perfume very warm and pleasant which I like for date nights and going out. The Alien perfume comes in an impressive magnifying classic glass bottle which have been enhanced with flecks of 17- and 18-Karat gold. These Alien perfumes bottles are reusable.

High Notes:

  • The Floral Revelation Jasmine Sambac
  • The Woody Revelation Cashmeran wood
  • The Amber Revelation White Amber


Smelling this makes me so delightful especially the combination of the two Jasmine flower makes me wear it all year-long. I personally haven’t tried other edition of the Alien line before, but looks like it will be one of my signature scents from now. Strength-wise it’s very impressive, you don’t have to worry about overdoing it. Lasting power is amazing, it literally stays on your body and clothes for a very long time. I have been wearing this regularly past two weeks, and I found even after changing my clothes at night I could smell the scent in my bed from my skin. I rarely reapply perfumes even if they fade on me, since I’m on the go girl, I do carry some travel size perfumes as backup but you can never find a regular size perfume bottle in my on the go bag. I was happy that I don’t have to worrying about not reapplying at all.


Angel Arty Collector Cover ($98 for 25 ml) Limited Edition, this time Mugler have invented a new way to metamorphose the angle bottle. The Thierry Mugler ANGEL Shooting Star perfume carries a very sensual and passionate notes, it’s a little sweet.  The Angel have a pure, soft and innocent style, I found its my nose picks the Patchouli note easily and it’s a little too strong to my taste. It does have an amazing lasting power but as my nose was too sensitive with the Patchouli note I found that it’s a little too heavy, especially while you’re layering it. Meanwhile the Angle  carries a very sophisticated scent, the shooting star perfume comes in the refillable version.
The bottle it-self features blue gems and the cover makes sure the bottle is safely covered which add a real character to the bottle. The cover really dresses up the Angle perfume and it’s designed with Galaxy look patterns. The cover locks in the Angle perfume securely, where you can easily add in your on the go bag for reapplying purposes.

High Notes:

  • Bergamot
  • Tropical fruits
  • Vanilla
  • Caramel
  • Patchouli

Bottom line both perfumes Alien Divine Ornementation and Angel Arty Collector Cover  from Mugler are nice to have but the Alien Divine Ornementation have become must for me as it really reacts with my body’s chemistry. As perfumes is very personal and scents can shift depending on your body chemistry. If you’re looking for some thing very strong lasting, this is definitely some of the perfumes that you want to consider on purchasing. Both  Alien Divine Ornementation and Angel Arty Collector Cover Eau de Parfum are Limited Edition and you can find them exclusively at Hudson’s Bay and

Both Alien Divine Ornementation Eau de Parfum and Angel Arty Collector Cover Eau de Parfum provided courtesy of Mugler.