Olivia Palermo Beauty

Olivia Palermo has been one of the iconic figures I looked for when it comes to fashion and beauty inspiration. She just launched a beauty wardrobe for everyone. Of course, I had my eyes on when I discovered the beauty launch from Olivia. I knew whatever would come from her it would be stable for me. I see her makeup and style go well with my concept and I totally admire her.
She has everything in her collection to get you glammed including skincare essentials to create a flawless canvas. Of course, I want to see some complexion products from her next.

Olivia Palermo’s Beauty Collection is luxurious!! I was super happy to get my hands on the entire collection and have the swatches for you all here.

The Olivia Palermo’s collction includes:


Staring with the skin essentials, the Pre-Show Mattifying Mist and Prime Time Illuminating Serum. Seeing Olivia’s skin always glowing makes almost all her fans wonder for that perfect makeup look and her secrets for a smooth finish and flawless skin look. She has it here for everyone, these two skincare essentials are designed for all skin texture and both are well formulated to perfect the skin and make the makeup last longer. Her concept to make the skin hydrated and looking plump and finish it with a mattifying setting spray is quite a smart, and perfect way to achieve a smooth and flawless makeup look.

Prime Time Illuminating Serum

Prepping for makeup is essential and it gets possible with her Prime Time Illuminating Serum that is a perfect booster to add radiance without any shimmers. The formula seems like have some micro shimmers but they get dissolved once applied to the skin. You can use it as a moisturizer or a primer for your makeup application. The texture is translucent and feels light on the skin yet immediately hydrates skin without feeling heavy at all. It is formulated with hyaluronic acid and is enriched with peptide-rich ingredients that add plumpness to the skin.

I personally love a good booster primer that feels like a serum to boost my skin’s hydration level. This one is has become my favourite after the first application. It’s rare that I get to love a primer by its first application yet this one is one of them. I have been a long-time lover of hydrating booster primers and there quite a few in my collection that I can trust. I must say this one would be first one in that list of mine.

Prim-Show Mattifying Mist

Up next in her skin essential is the Prim-Show Mattifying Mist. This is a nourishing face mist that sets makeup in place for a nice semi-matt finish look. It moisturizes skin, soothes and keeps the makeup in place all day long. I personally love to use a nice hydrating setting spray just before my serum or primer yet I think this one is specially designed to set the makeup as a finishing touch. I could feel it sets the makeup in place immediately with a nice blurring effect and amazing scent that is pleasant to the nose.

The mist is formulated with Oleanolic Acid that is rich in antioxidants and carries antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties to fight blemishes, reduce free radicals, and soothe redness. Also enriched with Enantia Chlorantha Bark Extract which helps to balance out the combinations and oily skin types and helps reduce and pores. So there is a perfect combination of ingredients that works like wonder on the skin, and I must include I have never experienced such an amazing setting spray with a mattifying effect before in my blogging carrier. The dispenser spritz a good amount of fine mist on the face and the packaging is just on point.


Up next are the eyeshadow palettes that are STUNNING! they feel like a luxurious mini clutch. Each palette comes in 6 shades that carry a mix of matte, satin and shimmery finishes that feel like butter. They are highly pigmented and well put together to create mandy different day and night eye looks easily. The sparkles are like I have never seen before with almost no fallout and highly pigmented formula.


  • Amaretto is a matte brown
  • Plush Tulle is a matte soft warm mauve pink
  • Magnum Mauve is a warm deep pink
  • Black Tie is a deep cool black with multi-dimension shimmers
  • Skyline Dusk is a deep matte eggplant
  • Gilded Glimmer is a rich warm gold in a satin


  • Seashell is matte cream chalk
  • Cherry Mahogany is a matte deep warm brown with red undertone
  • Desert Sand satiny cool champagne
  • Smoked Chestnut is cool matte brown
  • Caldera Blue is a deep blue teal with shimmers
  • Light Fawn is a shimmery champaign

I find the shadows work together very well and applies smoothly with eyeshadow brush. They do blend in quite well and you can get a full pigment when they apply wet. For me it was hard to chose one palette for the fact that I love to wear neutral shades and when it comes to colors blue and plum are my go to shades. And both palettes are well put together in terms of color combination and selection of shades and texture.

Matte Lipsticks

Olivia has three lipstick colours in her collection and I am OBSESSED! If you’re a matte lipstick lover like me, you probably waiting for these for what seems like forever. These are truly phenomenal in terms of formula and pigment. If you’re a long-time Million Idole reader then you know I don’t get impressed by a matte lipstick easily, most of the time the formulas are drying and with a thick texture. The texture of these lipsticks is just creamy and glides on smoothly with a nice pigment.

The shades did excite me with its first impression. Here is full details and swatches.

  • Santa Fe is a neutral peach pink
  • Rose Bud is a nice soft muted pink
  • Chianti is a muted rosewood

I loved the finish and the colors all, yet I find the Santa Fe and Rose bud is almost similar. Only someone like me who plays with shades can tell the difference in shade. I did see the difference when I wore it but if you know you’re under tone you’ll be able to select your shade easily.

I am impressed with the collection. This is one of the most luxurious collection I have tried with high performance and wearable colours. I can’t pick one product that performed well in the collection since the entire collection is really stunning. There is every thing you need to create a perfect makeup day and night looks with these products.

I hope the swatches and details have help you if you were looking for it. The packaging of the collection is STUNNING and adds a super luxury finish to the vanity. You can find the entire collection available at Oliviapalermo.com.

Press samples provided and courtesy of Olivia Palermo.