Armani | Lip Power Long Lasting Lipsticks + New Discoveries

Armani Beauty products have been stable in my beauty routine and I am super excited to share some of the Lip Power Long Lasting Lipstick’s new shades plus some of the beauty must-haves that I got my hands on to try here. I am slightly late trying some of these products but I am very happy to say they are hit formulas.

The Luminous Silk Glow foundation in 3.5 and the Luminous Silk concealer has been a staple in my makeup routine. The formulas are light and even the skin perfectly with a semi-matte finish. You can find the full review under this POST.

The new Lip Power Long Lasting Lipsticks are long-lasting with a rich formula. It carries a nice balmy smooth feel and has a satin finish. They just introduced the formula in 4 new shades. I got my hands on 2 shades that are my absolute favourite. Here is a closer look at the shades:

True which is a perfect nude pink. The shade True is a new stable on my everyday look.

Stylish is a perfect soft brick brown which is a perfect shade for the fall season.

The formula is creamy and full coverage and offers a nice smooth finish to the lips which I think is perfect for the season or if you have dry lips this works great. They apply nicely over the lips as they carry a perfect teardrop shape to enhance lips to create the perfect pout.

The Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer Highlighter and the Eccentrico Mascara both were on my radar for quite some time and so happy that I got my hands on them. The Fluid Sheer Glow Enhancer Highlighter in Champaign Gold is a super light highlighter that adds a nice radiance to the skin immediately without looking frosty. You can wear this alone to add nice radiance to the skin or on top of your makeup to the highest point of the cheekbone to add more dimension to the complexion. It is very easy to use and doesn’t disturb makeup at all.

Eccentrico Mascara is a mascara that adds volume to the lashes. The brush applicator is unique. It is designed to give lashes fullness and definition without looking clumpy or flaky. I find the applicator coats the lashes nicely and separates the lashes individually to add more volume. The formula is jet black with a glossy finish. I wouldn’t say that this is the best volumizing mascara I’ve tried by far but it does set on one of the best mascaras list.

In the end, I have been in love with the Lip Power Long Lasting Lipsticks formulas and their colour range especially if you are a nude lipstick lover. I’ve linked some of my all-time favourite formulas from the brand below for you and you can find a detailed review of them here.

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