Aerin | ​Rose de Grasse Rouge Eau de Parfum

Aerin has been one of my all-time favourite fragrance brands and I am super excited to share their newest scent for the season with you guys here. Aerin just introduced the Rose Premier Collection. The collection carries two scents Rose de Grasse Rouge Eau de Parfum and Rose de Grasse Joyful Bloom Eau de Parfum.

As many of you know me by now I am a pure floral scent lover and finding a perfect floral scent from my favorite brand is a dream to come true. So happy I got my hands on the Rose de Grasse Rouge Eau de Parfum which happens to be my favorite scent from the collection.

The Rose de Grasse Rouge Eau de Parfum is warm, sensual and alluring which makes this perfect for the season. It is a bold floral fragrance with a great combination of notes that complement each other very well. I love the lasting power and infused with notes such as – top notes of Rose Water, Violet Leaves – heart notes of Red Rose and Rose Centifolia and base notes such as Honeycomb Accord and Musk.

It is a scent that I can wear on special occasions as well as I can easily layer with any other floral scents.

As a floral fragrance lover, I have come across so many floral fragrances that some I can find a similar scent just by sniffing it. In case you think this is over your budget then I am happy to say that Fresh Beauty’s Rose Morning Eau de Parum has almost the same feel.

Currently, Aerin has gift sets that make it perfect for gifting season as well as a treat to yourself.

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