La Prairie | Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate

New in La Prairie is the Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate line. I was super excited to find the Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate Serum from this new collection from La Prairie. It’s a rich serum that revitalizes and enriches skin for a conceptional glow. The formula is designed to hydrate and bring that exceptional radiance to the skin. La Prairie is one of the brands that blows my mind every time I get to test their products. They’re luxury + high-end, and probably one of the brands with a high price tag but if you can effort it then it’s worth the splurge.

I have been testing the Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate Serum for the past 4 weeks to really see the results and I must say I am IMPRESSED! it’s unusual that I get super impressed with a skincare product easily but this one was first-time use loved for me. The texture is light, hydrates skin immediately and has that rich silky texture that I like in my serum but not oily. Using this serum for a couple of weeks now reminds me of the Platinum Rare Cellular Life-Lotion that had almost the same effect on my skin. Many of my Instagram followers had noticed the difference in my skin after its continuous use and I received quite many compliments.
Using the Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate Serum I saw the results in two weeks, it instantly adds radiance to the skin and smooths out the skin tone over time. I do lots of skincare testing but only a few remain as my stables on my daily skincare routine and definitely, this is one of them. A little goes a long way with this serum, I do use a first enhancing serum with this so I can use less of this serum for a longer period. The longer use the better you see the difference in skin texture.

The Serum is designed to slow down the renewal process of the skin. The Pure Gold Radiance Concentrate Serum comes in luxurious heavy metal gold packaging and a drop-out pump dispenser. and refill packaging. I personally like to use this during my nighttime skincare routine especially since days are quite hot and humid nowadays, when I double cleanse my skin and it gets better treatment overnight when there is less pollution. I have also been loving to use it as the last step to my morning routine to add that exceptional glow to my skin. The formula does carry small golden particles that add reflection to the skin. I also loved to prep my skin with this serum for my makeup which creates a flawless canvas for my makeup looks.

Bottom line, I think its one of the best products I have used from La Praririe by far interms of its performance and quick and effective results. I have tested a great range of Skin Caviar line, I love it but the effects aren’t as powerfull as this one and the Plantinum Rare Cellular line. I have linked some of my favorite from the same collections below.

You can now find the entire collection available at all department store at La Prairie’s counters.

Press sample provided and courtesy of La Prairie.