New Cle de Peau Base Testing | Radiant Fluid Natural Foundation + Radiant Cream Foundation

Cle de Peau Beaute has always been one of my favourite brands when it comes to complexion + skincare products. I have gone through quite some of their complexion products – almost tried them all. Yet there are few new complexion product launches for me to try from the brand and I am excited to try out the new Radiant Fluid Natura Foundation plus the new Radiant Cream Foundation. Both are quite popular and they are perfect for the season.

Radiant Fluid Natural Foundation

Radiant Fluid Natural Foundation ($174.48 for 1.1 oz.) is a liquid foundation that brings a natural glow to the skin with a soft blurred look with nice glow. If you know me – I have been a lover of build-in skincare-foundations which I find Cle de Peau Beauty masters every time with their bases. The formula is hydrating and improves skin condition with its continued use. I have been loving their complexion formulas, the Radiant Cushion Foundation (reviewed here) has been my ultimate favourite on the go-to-wear foundation almost all the time. The best shade that matches my skin is o20 yet B2o is a good one for my summer days, it’s slightly peachy but I love it for the fact it literally does the correcting job on my skin and leaves my skin flawless. You can find the swatches below.

The new Radiant Fluid Natural Foundation is lightweight with sheer to medium coverage. I love how the formula is buildable and allows you with its coverage.

The lasting power is quite impressive, the formula is designed to keep the skin hydrated with a natural finish while it offers good coverage to even out the skin for a nice natural finish that you can still see the skin underneath. It does photograph beautifully. I do find the foundation slightly oxidizes so I would say to stay within your own shade or a shade lighter. The collection carries a great range of shades to cover all skin tones. The colour range goes with the entire foundation line of the brand, if you know your shade in any other formula you can easily pick the same number and go with it.

Radiant Cream Foundation

Radiant Cream Foundation (C$171.79 for 0.87 oz.) is a medium coverage foundation with a natural and dewy finish. The formula is lightweight and is infused with skincare-loving ingredients. The texture is creamy and feels like your tinted moisturizer with nice coverage. The formula is non-comedogenic meaning that it will not irritate the skin nor block the pores so the skin can breathe easily. The formula reflects the light which offers a glow that comes from within.

I found both foundations are pretty close in terms of finish and coverage while the Radiant Fluid natural Foundation works as a foundation for when you go out and need that nice finish to the skin while the Radiant Cream is something you can wear on a daily basis for a flawless finish. Both formulas carry SPF 24 and 25 respectively. I tried them both in shade BF10 which I find is slightly light for my skin but works on winter days quite well. You do pay more for the Radiant Cream Foundation for the skincare benefits it offers in comparison to the Radiant Fluid Natural foundation as well as it has less product. It really depends on your preference on what you want but for me, I would go with the Radiant Fluid Natural Foundation because both offer almost the same finish and has almost the same benefits.

You can find both available at Saks Fifth Avenue, and all Cle de Peau Beaute counters at department stores.