U Beauty New Discoveries | New Shades of The PLASMA Lip Compound

U Beauty’s The Plasma Lip Compound collection has grown over a few years. Today I am sharing a great selection of shades with you on popular request. I have been a huge lover of the formula and its wear; these are not your regular lip balm. The formula is packed with skincare benefits and feels super luxurious on the lips, but yes, they come with a price tag. I have shared my love for the brand and especially for the Plasma Lip Compound over here and on my social media channels over the years.

As many know, I am a minimalist in my beauty routine and am very particular about what I use on my skin. My theory is to get the most out of the products with their maximum benefits and easy application so I can keep up with my skin and beauty routine. The U Beauty’s concept aligns with my theory perfectly.

Right now the collection has 13 shades and today I am sharing 11 shades from the collection with you all here.

Here is a closer look at the swatches:

  • Universal is a glossy clear formula that you can wear alone to add hydration and glow or on top of any lip products as a gloss.
  • Rose is a pale petal pink and it gives lips that nice fresh flush of colour but more on the transparent side.
  • Fawn is a warm tawny beige. This one is pigmented and covers the lips fully, I would say this is a perfect nude gloss.
  • Cassis is a rich plum wine shade which I think will look nice on deeper-tone girls.
  • Flush is a bitten tango-pink which I would love to wear any time of the year. It is fully pigmented so it covers the lips fully.
  • Lady is a warm nude mauve, it is a perfect shade to wear every day. This one has a little more pigment.
  • Sunset is a shimmery, toasted caramel – the shimmers make this one very special. It’s slightly transparent, you do see the lip colour under this.
  • Orchid is a cool lilac-pink – I adore this one. It offers that nice soft and sweet flush of pink to the lips.
  • Poppy is a bright apricot, I see myself wearing this on summer days.
  • Fig is a shimmery deep cool plum perfect for fall days or deeper skin girls.
  • Sable is a shimmery deep chocolate, definitely beautiful but slightly out of my wear zone.

Two shades I am missing here are:

  • Bellini is a champagne coral, it looks vibrant and beautiful.
  • Shanghai is a vibrant red and I think is a must-have.

I love the packaging and easy-to-use applicator. I must admit that I am lucky and grateful to have my hands on the collection so I can have them ready in my all bags. But I find the packaging is effortless to fit in any on-the-go bag or makeup bag without any hustle.

Sharing below from different retailers that carry U Beauty such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Revolve, Violet Grey, and Luisaviaroma.

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