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I’ve been trying some new things from the hair department for the past couple of months that have made a dramatic change in how my hair looks and feels. When it comes to haircare I only try things that interest me, especially products & treatments that add extra shine and moisture to my hair. I have been getting back to my styling routine yet it’s been more than a year since I have done any colouring to highlights. My highlights had grown out and currently, I have my natural hair colour that looks quite healthy. I’ve shared my current haircare routine + some best hair treatments here.

I do use heating tools almost all the time or at least once a week to style my hair which means I need to pay extra attention to repair the damage more frequently. I’ve been testing a few new formulas that made me wow. Here I have a round-up of new things I am loving right now and have been introduced to my hair care routine recently.

Shampoo & Conditioner

I always try out new shampoos, especially for damaged hair. Highlighting hair using bleach has made my hair prone to breakage and most of the formulas dry out the hair, especially during the winter season. I have a few loving formulas that I’ve shared in my previous hair post but recently I’ve been René Furterer Solaire Nourishing Repair Shampoo. Although this shampoo is meant to be used during the summer season this is what my hair has been loving the most. It adds softness and shines to the hair within its first wash plus immediately repairs hair damage. The formula is enriched with butter that adds hydration without weighing down the hair. If you love that traditional shampoo formula then this is something you need to take a look at.

Something different I used and a game-changer for flat hair is Christophe Rohin’s Cleaning Volumizing Paste. The past doesn’t look as good as the packaging, but the results are amazing. It instantly cleanses, exfoliates and lifts the hair after the rinse. For me, it’s a 2-1 product, treat & cleanse. Although my hair does have a pretty decent volume but needs that lift. I’ve been using it for the last 3 weeks yet only once a week. Although this cleanser did a very well job cleansing the hair and added a good lift – I think it’s going to be what I will be using constantly during the hot summer days. It almost gets sold out immediately but if you get your hands on make sure to stock it.

When it comes to conditioner, I am super picky when it comes to using conditioners and I only use conditioner when I style my hair naturally enhancing my curls. I recently was introduced to the NATURE LAB TOKYO which is a plant-powered haircare from Tokyo. The brand’s formulas are clean and vegan. I’ve been testing the conditioner from their Perfect Texture line (C$15) which is designed for wavy/curly hair. The formula instantly hydrates and adds more definition to the curls. It also helps with frizz.


I’ve been eyeing the dpHUE treatment for quite some time since there were quite nice reviews on it. Kindly dpHUE PR team reached out to me to try some of their best-selling products designed for my hair texture and ladies I am AMAZED! dpHUE – Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse (C$44.00) is the best gentle hair cleanser that doesn’t strip your, protects your hair colour, maintains the pH balance of the scalp and hair plus gently exfoliates the scalp to unclog hair follicles.

It immediately adds volume and shine to the hair while it feels soft and silky on the hands.

I also got to try the dpHUE – Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Masque (C$52.00) which is a nourishing hair ever tried before. It’s designed for all hair textures, especially dry hair. The formula intelligently addresses damage, supporting hair’s condition with each successive use. It’s infused with Sunflower Seed Extract, Macadamia Oil and Aloe Vera. It immediately looks after dryness and frizz and it’s colour safe. The formula is Free of sulfates SLS and SLES, and parabens. This product is also cruelty-free, and gluten-free, and comes in recyclable packaging.

It definitely feels luxurious on hair. I love to use my hair mask as a treatment so I use it before washing my hair once a week or once in 2 weeks. I spray my hair with water lightly and apply the conditioner from mid to ends of the hair and leave it on for about 20-30 minutes wrapping it in a bun.

I’ve been switching between the phHUE Apple Cider Vinegar & Christopher Robins Cleaning paste for testing purposes yet for my hair I see results using the phHUE Apple Cider Vinegar for winter months especially when I like to rise my hair quickly after my workouts and Christopher Robins Cleaning Paste for summer days.

If you’re following me on Instagram then probably you’ve noticed the difference it has made to my hair.

Styling/Heat Protectants

There are quite a lot of amazing styling and heat protectants for all hair textures that I’ve shared my current favourite ones here & here. Yet in the past four weeks, I’ve been using the Shu Uemura Izumi Tonic Strengthenung Rice Water(C$64.00 for 150mL). This has changed how my hair looks and feels. It is a leave-in treatment infused with Japanese-sourced rice water. If you’ve ever heard of rice hair treatment, this is the best product to experience. Rice water treatment is meant to strengthen the hair and prevents breakage and add elasticity to the hair which this Izumi Tonic Strengthenung Rice Water does exactly. It restores hair damage + protects against future breakage with an amazing and fresh scent.

Hot Tools are the only heating tools I use for my hair and the new Hot Tools 24k Gold Extra Long Curling Iron/Wand with Heat Resistant Mat, 1-1/4 (C$57.50) wand I’ve been using. I find this one covers more hair and is perfect for longer hair lengths + the top cap rotates which makes it super easy to wrap hair around the wand.

I hope you find this post helpful, I don’t change much when it comes to hair care but these have been on rotation for me.

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