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FullSizeRender (13)I wanted to do this post from a while back when I got a sample of the HydraQuench Cream-Gel to try, which is ideal for normal to very dry skin. I loved it so much that I went back onto repurchase the moisturizer and end up with a complimentary facial treatment by the Clarins representative at my local Shoppers Drug Mart Boutique store, while I was getting the treatment she did suggest some products for some of the problematic areas for my skin. As my long readers know that I do love the Gentle Peeling Smooth Away cream reviewed here which she recommended plus three new products that I’ve been slowly incorporating some of the items in my routine. My big concerns included dark spot correction, texture improvement, anti-aging prevention. The facial and products are used in various treatment processes in concentrated formulas based on your needs. Three things I’ve been loving:


  • Multi-Active Day Cream-Gel  (C$52 for 1.7 oz) this is a radiance-making moisturizer which is loaded with revitalizing teasel extract to fight the effects of daytime stress for glowing, and healthy-looking skin. This basically the advanced moisturizer of HydraQuench cream-gel which is ideal for women in their 30s. If you’re somewhere between 20 to 30 years or just want to start with some thing the HydraQuench Cream is a great option. The texture is very light and gets into the skin immediately without feeling greasy or sticky. It’s formulated with exclusive anti-pollution complex which brings antioxidant in action where your skin needs the most. As you all know it’s always great to know it free of Parabens, that’s one of the ingredients that I don’t want in my skin care products at all. I have been using this moisturizer for couple of weeks now and I have seen dramatically change on my skin. Skin looks smoother, softer and brighter.IMG_0870
  • Mission Perfection Serum (C$68 for 1 oz) this is targeted serum—powered by the dark spot-correcting action of acerola extract. I always had problem with freckles, I know every one keep telling me it’s cute but not for me. I never liked any kind of spot on my face at all. I usually do the treatments for the dark spots during the winter time, I feel it’s much safer for your skin since the ingredients makes the skin supper sensitive to the sun exposures and sunscreen is must. For me it’s hard to keep up with sunscreen all the time during summer time, I feel winter is a great time since we have less sunny days and most of the time we spend our days indoor. I had tried this during last winter and I must say I was very pleased with the out come, not only it brightens the dark spots it also deliver luminosity to the skin. After using this I’ve noticed my skin is visibly more bright, complexion is smooth and dark spots become less noticeable. This serum is also targets the redness and shadowy areas plus any discolorations. It’s very light and a drop covers whole face, I personally recommend to add it to your night time skin care routine, I find it works much better – even with daily use for months I still have a good portion of the jar left – so I’m thrilled it’s lasted a long time. I also had used Clinique’s Even Better Dark Spot Corrector (reviewed Here) the year before which worked very well for me.
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  • Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil (C$ 56 for 1 oz) is a purifying essential oil made 100% from plant extracts for face. These treatment oils comes in three different kinds Sandal, Lotus and Blue Orchid Face treatments. When it comes to testing oil treatments I try to proceed with extreme caution. I’ve found most of the luxury oil treatments does wonders on my skin since I do have a dry skin, I know some people breakout when it comes to oils but not in my case. Oil treatments always give my skin the most radiance and glow than any other treatments. You can always find out by applying to a small portion of your skin to see it your skin is sensitive to oils, if it works I would highly recommend it to do the oil treatments for the dry skin. For many including me extreme strong herbal scent is not tolerable, but the Blue Orchard has a very pleasant and gentle scent into it. I have been using it for past three weeks just 2 to 3 times per week and a drop goes along way and if you’re having a dry skin like me, add a little drop of oil to your foundation for glowing and healthy looking skin.
    This Blue Orchid Oil also contains hazelnut oil which seals the moisture and protects against fine lines and wrinkles. when using an oil always remember to pat to the skin, never sweep and Blue Orchard Oil can be used day or night but I would highly recommend to add the oil treatments to your night routine when skin is least exposed to environmental toxins and stresses and if you find this too oily on your skin, just dab face with a soft tissue to remove any excess products. I have a few more favorite oil treatments that have been reviewed before like Guerlain’s Abeille Royal Face Treatment Oil , Caudalie’s Divein Oil, and Kiehl’s Daily Reviving Concentrate .

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PicsArthope everyone have a great week and will have some time to enjoy the first day of spring! As always I’d love to hear about your current beauty favorites. It’s a great way for me to learn about new things, you can comment on my Instagram account @millionidole. Looking forward on hearing from you all 🙂