Natural Home Made DIY’s for your Hair and Skin

FullSizeRender (23)Some times we have few items in our pantry, cupboards and fridges where they work much better on our skins than most of high-end quality brands that we spend hundreds and some times thousands to achieve the desired benefits from them. Today I am sharing few quick and easy DIY’s from couple of products that I having been using if from years now which works the best without any high price tags. And most of all it’s all Natural with nothing to worry. The three items that you can find in your kitchen: Coconut Oil (I prefer Organic), Sugar ( I prefer Brown Sugar) and Limon. They all have the natural ingredient in them to helps you to target some of the problems that we all suffer from them like dandruff, split ends, death skin and dryness. Some of the ways that I have been using them as a combo are:

  • For those who suffers from hair dandruff, split ends and luck of hair shin or dryness, this is the life saving. Mix some coconut oil with lemon juice and message it into your sculpt through ends before taking shower, leave it at least 30 minutes so it can get into your hair. Rinse it off, the result is amazing. Try to do once a week and you will see the difference yourself. It gives an absolute shine to your hair and dandruff free within weeks.
  • For smother skin and lips try out this amazing home remedy, mix some coconut oil and brown sugar with lime for a fresh scent and scrub on to your face and lips. It does not only get ride of death skin but it will also give the skin and lips a nice glow. Plus the natural brightening ingredients in Lemon will bright the complexion.
  • For those who seeks for nice smooth hands and feet, mix a table-spoon of coconut oil with a table-spoon of brown sugar and some lemon juice, massage into the skin for couple of minutes and rinse it off with nice warm water followed with a moisturizer, you’ll love how the skin looks bright and smooth within few minutes. Plus you can definitely use it as a nice body scrub as well.
  • If you’re some one like me with dry skin, using the coconut oil by itself as your nightly moisturizer will do wonders to your skin, but I know some people do break out using oils, try it on a small portion of your skin to see how it works. It not only hydrates your skin, it will give a perfect glow to your skin.

You can always make time to time with you think of using it but you can also make a nice full jar to store it in your bathroom shelf for every day use or it can make a nice gift for some one you care. Here is the recipe for making a full jar.

FullSizeRender (24)

Supply List:

  • Coconut Oil (1/4 cup melted)
  • Granulated White Sugar (1 cup sugar)
  • Shredded Coconut oil (1 TBSP)
  • Any Favorite essential oil (I like Do Terra Essential Lime Oil) about 6-8 drops

Melt Coconut oil and mix it with the sugar, until fully incorporated. Then add the coconut and the Lime oil and mix them well together. This makes a cup of scrub, you can store in your favorite bottle jar with a cute label to show off your creativity. It’s safe, simple and beneficial.

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