GUERLAIN | Abeille Royal Face Treatment Oil

Fotor_144846275136961As I was visiting Sephora recently as I do usually, I headed to Guerlain contour as it’s always the first counter I love to browse and realized this beautiful glass bottle filled with oil was shinning on top of the counter, since the winter is on the way, I have a normal to try skin and always need to use oils during winter time for an extra hydration. I start playing with it and well I fall in love with this Abeille Royal Face treatment Oil. It absorbs int the skin instantly.


Abeille Royal Face Treatment Oil is a concentrate of specific honey that immediately tone, firm and sculpt for better skin. Bee products are one of world’s most effective healing substances and helps the skin to repair wrinkles and loss of tissue firmness and Guerlain is one of Brands that carries a great line of Bee products. This contains non greasy formula so it can be used under moisturizer for optimal results or can add a drop to foundation for extra boost. Abelle Royal Face Oil retails at C$120.00 for 0.9oz size bottle. It comes with a dropper so can really control the amount.