MOTF | Fall Transitional Looks

fall season has arrived and it’s probably my favorite time of the year when it comes to fashion styling. I love the bold colours and prints that make the outfits interesting. Today I am sharing some of my favorite pieces from MOTF that come with high quality and are easy to wear. The Pieces are true to size and the shipping process is quite easy while they all arrive in separate high-quality packaging. You can use MuniraQ3 to get 15% off the purchase.


Snakeskin Button Up Shirt Wearing in M
High Waist Suit Pants Wearing in M

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Cropped Plaid Tweet Jacked
Wearing in S

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Snakeskin Print Midi Dress
Wearing in M

Let me know which piece is your favourite. I have picked some warmer items to share with you all in the upcoming weeks.

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