FOREO|LUNA™ The Revolutionary Anti-Aging and Facial-Cleansing Sysytem

IMG_1549This is my first time testing a skincare device. I’ve been a looking on some of the cleansing devices for some time now, but I was not sure about the concept of brushes with my sensitive skin. And while I was browsing for the cleansing devices I was fortunate to receive a sample of the Foreo LUNA™ (C$229) in light blue which indicates for combination skin.
This LUNA™ is an ultra cleansing and anti-aging facial device that gives the skin a deep cleansing with channeling up to 8,000 T-Sonic technology pulsations per minute and it’s made of Nonabrasive and hygienic silicone touch points which delivers pulses through the silicone brushes to the skin and it helps to loosen the impurities, oil and dead skin cells, and the makeup residue in the skin while it restores skin’s natural glow. The LUNA™ is a revolutionary facial-cleansing and anti-aging device at the same time. The reverse surface channels lower-frequency pulsations to reduce the appearance of the wrinkles and fine lines and the front of the device cleanses the skin significantly than washing by hands in high-frequency. This LUNA™ cleansing device requires no replacement brush which is more economical, as well as hygienic.

The Luna from Foreo cleansing device is a gentle alternative especially for those who feel that brushes are too harsh for their skin. There are two speeds with this device, which I found both were gentle enough for my skin. I preferred to use a two-step cleansing routine for my skin when I wear makeup otherwise it deeply cleanses the skin with just one step. I first remove all my make-up with cleansing water from  Bioderma which is my all time favourite cleansing water for my sensitive skin and then I followed with a regular cleanser with this device. It comes with a directions manual on how to use it on each part of the face. I find there was a slight learning curve to learn how to hold the device without feeling that it would slip through your hands. I like how it’s completely waterproof as well as it can be used 450 uses per each full USB charge which is amazing. I haven’t used it that long yet (only 4 weeks now), but I will report on my Instagram account after testing it.
This Light Blue Luna is specially designed for combination skin, where there are a great range for specific skin type. After using it for a month 2-3x per week now I felt I no longer need to exfoliate as much as I used to, my skin feels soft and silky after using the Luna, the silicone brush are very gentle yet very effective, if your skin is prone to irritation from brushes this is an excellent alternative. I love how you can carry this easily while travelling, and I have been loving the design and the beautiful colours of these Lunas.
You can find these in store at Shopper Drug Mart’s Murale and Sephora stores and online at