As you all know by now that I always have been impressed by Bioderma’s products. I first discovered Bioderma products in the beginning of the year 2015 by purchasing the Bioderma’s Sensibio H2O makeup remover and since then I have fallen in love with several of their products from the line. I’ve found that Bioderma serums and moisturizers to be gentle for my sensitive skin but effective enough to make a visible difference in overall texture of my skin. I have been a huge fun of their Hydrabio Serum reviewed here and recently Bioderma have added two new additions to their Hydrabio line Hydrabio Creme (C$29.50 for 50 ml) and Hydrabio Gel-Creme (C$ 29.50 for 40 ml). These are a great way to add radiance to the skin and boost the hydration of the skin, and it’s always good to know that they have been designed for sensitive skin. Both have apple seed extracts which allows water flow within the skin and vitamin E which helps to protect the skin from oxidative stress and the ageing process. All of Bioderma’s products have been well priced and are always available at your nearest convenient store.


First up is the Hydraio Crème which comes on 50 ml pot is a rich and with creamy texture, this facial crème specifically designed for sensitive dry to very dry skin. It’s a very rich crème which nourishes skin immediately and offers softness and comfort for dehydrated complexion. I love how there is a little fresh and light fragrance scent. The Hydrabio Crème has active ingredients of the Aquagénium® patent which deeply penetrate through the layer of the skin for intense radiance. I have been using the Hydrabio Crème for 3 weeks now and my skin have been so pleased with the amount of hydration it provides.


Next up is the Hydrabio Gel-Crème is designed for sensitive normal to combination skin. It’s a gel based crème which has a very smooth texture that absorbs nicely into the skin. It has been really good for my dry skin even though it has a supper light texture. I fell it lasts nicely all day without making my skin feel greasy. There’s a fresh and light fragrance scent with this one as well, it’s not heavy and it truly feels weightless on skin. I like the tube-pump packaging which makes it a simple no-fuss kind of moisturizer. I love these light weight formulas to use during the hot and humid summer days and this makes a great base for your foundation without layering products.

Overall I have been really pleased with these new additions to the Hydrabio line. Both worked well with my skin and if you’re some one who’s looking for a drugstore product this is definitely some thing to keep in consideration.