BIODERMA | Sensibio H2O & Sebium H2O


Today’s review is on the gentle makeup removing micelle solutions are from Bioderma. They are the most amazing products I have used so far and you can find these on most of the known makeup artist’s kits. It comes in two different solutions, Sensibio H2O which is for sensitive skin and Sebium H2O is a purifying solution for oily and blemished skin. It is a hypoallergehanic and paraben free and they come in three different sizes, 250 ml bottle, 500 ml bottle and a 100 ml bottle travel size which are really convenient specially the travel size one. These solutions are non rinse makeup removers that gently cleanse and remove face and eye makeup. I have been using the Sensibio H2O since my skin is more on the sensitive side and I totally love the dual action since I always had to use another solution to remove the eye makeup but this works for both. I really like how it doesn’t leave any residue on my skin and it is fragrance free. You can really take off your makeup in minutes and melts all the mascaras and eyeliners. The catch is to hold the cotton pad on the eye lid area for few seconds to melt the product and then gently wipe it off, re-apply until the cotton pad becomes clean. I usually prefer water base makeup removers than cream based; I feel the water base cleansers cleanse the skin much better than cream based ones. And most of all it is a non rinse makeup cleanser which I totally love and would prefer specially for those tired night where you don’t want to rinse your face and want the makeup to come off by itself.

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I did try the Sebium H2O to see how it works, at first I was a little nervous thinking it will be harsh on my skin but it worked like wonders, I loved it. It does have a little cucumber scent, and really refreshing at the same time. Totally love both solutions. They are also good for quick touch-ups to remove makeup in detail areas, or as a makeup remover for face makeup, mascara, eye shadow, or eye liners. You can easily find these in the drugstores.