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Re-Nutriv is a luxury skincare line from Estee Lauder. This line is designed to target all signs of aging within 14 days of its use. I used their Ultimate Diamond Transformative Serum back in 2022 (fully reviewed on THIS POST) and loved it. I was excited and honoured to try the entire collection this past season along with attending a master class to learn about products and its application. Here I am sharing a few tips along with full details on products.

Re-Nutriv Collection carries everything you need for a complete skincare routine. It looks and feels luxurious. The packaging is just on point.

First off the Hydrating Foam Cleanser is a rich yet very gentle cleanser that immediately removes all impurities and makeup, without stripping the skin or leaving the skin dry. This cleanser doesn’t foam up like regular cleansers, it feels more like a moisturizer and feels quite nourished on the skin.

My skin has become more sensitive, especially when it comes to cleansers. I must say cleanser plays a huge role in my skincare routine as I wash my face every single night. This cleanser is quite nice, it feels soft and silky on the skin.

Next is the Softening Lotion which is infused with golden pearlescence, it is a toning lotion that perfects the skin’s surface, smoothes, softens and refreshes immediately. This sinks into the skin immediately and minimizes irritation and redness at the same time. You can apply it with a cotton pad but I prefer using it directly on to my skin. If you have dry skin I must say that this is non-irritating and adds softness to the skin.

Ultimate Lift Regenerating Serum is one of the most luxurious concentrated treatments I’ve used. It adds firmness with its advanced Gentian, SIRTIVITY-LP technology. The formula also carries precious droplets suspended in the silky-soft serum that encapsulates to add key youth boosters, then burst in a rush of renewal for a younger, radiant look. It has a jelly feel to it and sets like a film on top of the skin. But doesn’t feel heavy or greasy at all. This is a magic jar.

Up next is the Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Creme comes in two different textures: Rich and Creme and is designed to target different skin textures and their needs. I have very dry skin and always prefer to use rich moisturizer over the light creme version. It deeply nourishes the skin and is infused with Himalayan Gentian, next-generation youth-sustaining technology. This moisturizer immediately adds hydration, and firmness to the skin and helps with future signs of aging.

It does come with a nice golden spatula that makes it easy to scop out the product from its jar.

Ultimate Lift Regenerating Youth Eye Creme is one of the most hydrating eye moisturizers. It immediately lifts the skin around the eye area. The texture is rich but doesn’t set on the skin, it refreshes the skin around the eye area. It also helps with a puffy eye look and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.

A few tips I learned while attending their master class was that you can use a bamboo brush to buff off skin-death skin cells for an instant glow. You can do this technique just right after applying the toner or softening lotion. You can also use your Guashae tool to get your skincare products deep into your skin for extra hydration. This microcirculation helps to stimulate blood flow and at the same time relaxes the muscle that helps with aging. We also got to try their Gold Facial Massager which was incredible in really holding on the skin. I’ve never used such a tool before.

This collection is quite luxurious as well as the price tag. I love the collection and everything in this collection is well-designed for mature skin to maintain its firmness and radiance. I’ve been a huge fan of the brand and its skincare products. I’ve got some more newness from the brand that will share soon with you guys.

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