What I Packed for Netherlands

Traveling after five years, I was a bit confuse at first on what to pick. I wanted to take everything with me since I didn’t want to miss on any thing especially with my skin care or makeup looks. I had different makeup bags to keep things tidy and organized while on the go. I loved carrying the mini selection of skin care items that I had in my bag, it definitely takes less space while you get your full skin care routine items without any hustle.

In Flight skin care Essentials 

In Flight Makeup Essentials 

With my skin care I couldn’t compromise any thing, I did switched some of my skin care items to mini sizes – although I feel the mini sizes that I carries during the flight was quite good enough if you’re out for a five-day period (which I realized later). I was able to pack all my morning and nightly skin care routine products in one large bag which really helped me with packing and keeping them together when I reached every time.

Morning Skin Care Products 

Nightly Skin Care Products

Beauty Products 

I was really impressed with the Kusshi Makeup Bag which I had received a while back from the brand. I was able to fit in all my makeup items plus my brushes safe and sound. I fit in some if my eyeliner and mascara along with my corrector and contour concealers in the brush bag which I found quite practice. The bag itself is light weight while you can fit in every thing without any hustle.

This is all for now on what I packed for a short trip for Europe, I hope this was helpful and you all enjoyed these posts. In some point I felt I pack more than I should have for a five-day trip, I hope I’m not the only one who over pack the beauty products. I’m all off on working on some Holiday gift guides and Holiday packages for the season. There are quite some new items that I’m really excited to share with you all. Wishing you all a very Happy Halloween!