Nars | Climax Mascara

Nars Cosmetics just launched Climax Mascara (C$30 for 6.2 mL made in Italy), this is a light weight mascara that offers a buildable volume with a very flexible formula. I personally a huge lover to volume mascaras, I found the formula is quite nice and buildable while it doesn’t clump nor smudges on the lashes. I love how the formula is free of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates which gives another thumbs up for this mascara, the bristles are well separated with a very fine spicks which grabs lashes individually and coat each lash for an intensive effect and adds thickness. It carries a very intense black color which is perfect for a very rich and bold lash look.

Two coats of Climax Mascara without any base or a curler

I’m really particular about my mascaras since mascara is one of the beauty items that I wear daily, my eyes gets tired if the formula is stiff. I found its soft and creamy while you can coat your lashes as many times as you want. I personally love thick lash look and I don’t really care if it gets clumpy, I actually like the clumpy look. I use one coat on my lashes but I brush my lashes as long as I get satisfied with the look. The packaging is just one point, its beautiful with a very high glossy finish that adds a glamorous look. I just feel the bright red color really keeps your vanity and makeup bag look fun.

Bottom line choosing a mascara can be tricky, Mascara is one of the beauty items that I use daily basis and I’m really particular about my mascara. It really depends on your lash type and length, I have a pretty long lashes with a semi curl which mean my mascara do smudge at my crease most of the times, and all I need is volume. Most of the volume mascaras works for me and the times that I really want to go crazy I do use a lengthening mascara as a base then followed by a volume mascara. I found this Nars Climax mascara really works nice without any smudging at all. The formula is quite creamy with a long-lasting properties. You can now find the Nars Climax available at all Nars counters in department stores as well as Sephora and Nordstrom.

Many thanks to the Nars team for sending over the press material for editorial purposes.