To tell you all finally we made a decision and planned a family mini vacation to Netherlands last week. This was our fourth visit to Netherlands in the past 10 years and the last three times we mainly stayed with families, yet this time we decided to try all new things and explore the cities in Netherlands. Although we stayed at my mother in laws place since she really wanted to spend the time with her grand children (it was first time for my two little ones to see her grand mother) but we managed to explore the cities. It’s definitely worth to visit this beautiful country with so much history. There’s still so much on our list that we have already set our mind to go for another visit next year. My trip recap, food recommendations and highlights below:

First thing first we really wanted to see Amsterdam which is the capital city of Netherlands. The city is known for its artistic heritage, elaborate canal system and narrow houses. There is a lot to do in this city, we manage to get Canal Tour Boat to take us trough the city. Its one of the memorable ways to discover the city. It’s an hour canal cursing, while they provide a full detail on what’s around you.

View from inside boat

Amsterdam House Hotel

Hotel De L’Europe

Narrowest house in the city (two story building in the middle)

Chinese floating restaurant

City walk

Utrecht was another city that we decided to explore during our stay. Kurahus Hotal is one of the most beautiful hotels around the city and there is so much to do. I would say it’s definitely a must see place during the summer time. Its facing to the beach where it makes it more magical, the sunset looks amazing.

Since Belgium was a good neighbour to Netherlands we couldn’t stop our self’s to take a sneak peek at the city Brussels, where it is all about Royalty. The city is beautiful and full of castles.

Where To Eat:

New York Pizza in Amsterdam was some thing that was in our radar especially since my kids love pizza. The place was just inside the city walk and right beside the canal tour boat where we easily did our lunch and got into our boat with matter of crossing the street.

Manneken Pis is also some thing you need to stop by when in Netherlands, they have quite branches to serve you. We stop by in Utrecht when shopping in the mall. The place is quite nice with an open space to spend while snacking.

Netherlands is very famous for their Street Food especially when it comes to sea food. During the week days they offer a verity of different street food in each city where they show case many local fresh and fast food like sea food, cheese, nuts, flower and local farm fruits and veggies. We got to try out the Fillet fry fish which is quite famous and delicious. We dedicated our three days to eat some fried fish, we also got to try out the cheese and waffles are must especially for those with sweet tooth.

I couldn’t leave the country without doing some shopping. As a beauty lover I had to drop by beauty store to browse in and dig in. Hoog Catharijne The Mall is one of the newest and biggest malls in the city Utrecht. And I was quite impressed with the selection of beauty stores and verity of beauty items in the mall. I spotted some of my favorite stores like NYX cosmetics, and Douglas store which is pretty much comparable to Sephora. Holiday beauty sets were already on display and there were quite some of my favorite brands like Giorgio Armani , Chanel, Tom Ford and much more. You all know there is a little fashionista inside me and I had to head over the Zara store and grab couple of items from there.

This is what our four-day stay covered Netherlands. We had a lovely stay and we already have set our minds to got to another visit next year or maybe sooner and this time we will cover Paris. The city is full of surprises, each corner and building have a different view. If you’re planning to visit Netherlands or any surrounded countries I would highly recommend to rent a car and if you have cellar data download Google Map especially if you’re traveling with kids. They have quite parking areas and it will ease the stress of waiting for the train or bus. I wish we could have stayed a bit more, probably two more days to take our time and see more places, one day was not enough to visit Brussels. Shopping wise I was not able to really get my self ready for what I wanted to purchase. I would have planned out my stops a litter better if had more time. Since it was a first post on my Travel post I feel I could have get more better pictures, I realised I did miss some spots when I was writing this post – Practice makes it better. This week I took a little time off social media and concentrated on my self and life which have turned out me to work better.

Hope you all have enjoyed this travel diary! I will be working on more getaway posts and a full post on what I packed beauty wise will be up just right after this post. I would love to know what you guys think of the travel post and if you have visited Netherlands before what was your favorite spot.