Top Makeup Brushes for Face and Eyes

I haven’t shared much about brushes before yet I think brushes are one of the best ways to apply your makeup mess-free and make the final results look flawless. At the same time, you need to know which makeup brushes you really need for a particular product to brings out the best it.
I love to invest in my brushes since it really does make the application perform amazingly with less effort. I have included some of my favorite drugstore brushes in this post that I reach out from time to time and really can swear on them for their quality and performance.

Favorite Complexion Brushes:

Powder Foundation/ Buffing Foundation Brushes:

I love to use brushes for my powder foundations rather than sponges and I find they apply really nicely and smoothly with a flawless finish. I like them more dense yet super soft.

  • Dior Backstage Face Brush No. 18 is of the softest brushes I have tried so far and the design gives more control over its application. It’s more like a buffing brush that smooths out the product evenly. I love to use this for my powder foundations and it gives me that flawless finish. I also like to use this for applying my primer which evens out my skin.
  • BareMinerals Beautiful Finish Foundation Brush is a brush that builds up the coverage for your powder foundation while the finish is flawless. This brush is not only very unique, but it’s also a brush that works with all kinds of powder beauty products and the finish is seamless.

Cream/Liquid Foundation Brushes:

I like brushes that would evenly spread the product as well as to not leave lines on my complexion. The lighter is your foundation texture the more spread you want your brush and the thicker the texture the more dense the brush.

  • It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Flat Top Buffing Foundation Brush #6 is a fabulous brush for foundation. You can use this for any type of textured foundation and it gives out that super smooth finish. I love how it offers that full coverage looks while finishes the skin flawlessly. This is one of the brushes I use regularly.
  • Shiseido DAIYA FUDE Face Duo is a multi-purpose brush that is so so soft yet applies powder and cream products amazingly all over the face. You can use this multiple ways as well as you have more control over the coverage of your base with this brush. It’s a must-have for me.
  • Fenty Beauty Full-Bodied Foundation Brush #110 is an amazing foundation brush for thicker textured products. It’s slightly dense while the bristles are super soft. It applies the product evenly all over the complexion. It’s also a good one to apply any other cream products like cream bronzers or cream blushes.

Highlighter Brushes:

I use the same brush style for my bronzer and blush. I love them to be a little fluffy and medium size to fit my face frame.

  • Make Up For Ever Flat Round Blush Brush #156 is a multi-tasking blush, bronze, and highlighting brush that works amazing setting and distributing that powder on the skin. It’s one brush that I can carry when traveling and I will do everything I need for setting purposes with this brush.
  • Laura Mercier Fan Powder Brush is one of the brushes that perfectly apply your highlighter. It has that perfect size that fits all face shapes.
  • Quo Beauty’s Brush is another one that I have been reaching out to lately. This is actually from their Holiday set that comes with a great range of brushes that I have been loving. I love how it’s fluffy and the perfect size to add those bones some highlight.

Powder Bushes:

This includes every I use within the powder range (blush, bronzer, and setting powder). I love my powder brushes a little on smaller size yet fluffily enough to dust the product evenly all over my face that will offer a more diffuse look. If you’re a long reader and follower of Million Idole you know I have a brushing technique that I use a plain brush or dipped in a loose powder lightly and I go over my entire complexion diffuse all the products together and by doing this technique it will give an airbrushed look. And these brushes are perfect for that technique as well.

  • Fenty Beauty Powder Puff Setting Brush 170 is one of my favorite powder brush that I reach out easily. It’s super soft and fluffy that feels like silk on the skin. It doesn’t disturb my foundation.
  • The Real Technique Blush Brush is another favorite of mine. I have used this brush for more than 8 years now and it’s one of the drugstore brushes that work insanely amazing. Although it’s for a blush brush it works great for my small face frame and I like to have more control over my powder and bronzer application so I prefer smaller brushes.
  • Quo Beauty also carries a very good shape to dust your powder all over your face. It carries that perfect shape and perfect size with quality assurance.

Beauty Sponges:

Beauty sponges are one of my favorite tools to apply my complexion products especially concealer. I can literally use these to apply all my complexion products including my powders. The only time I use them are when I have more time for my makeup application since I believe with beauty sponges it slightly takes longer to apply you makeup than the brushes. Here are my favorite ones:

  • BeautyBlender is one of my all-time favorites. I feel like there is nothing like BeautyBlender in terms of quality, performance, and price range.
  • Givenchy Beauty Sponge if you haven’t tried this sponge then you’re missing on this. I know BeautyBlender is a great option but once you get your hands on this beauty sponge then it’s all a new world. The shape and quality are what make this sponge perform so well.
  • Real Technique is a favorite of mine when it comes to drugstore sponges. I love the shape and quality as well as it performs really well.

Favorite Eye Brushes:

Crease Detailing Brushes:

  • Laura Mercier Eye Crease Brush is a super soft brush with a perfect shape that nicely layers the eyeshadow as well as blends it beautifully. I love it works on the crease to add depth as well as eyelids.
  • Quo Beauty is another favorite yet a much affordable brush. It almost carries the same shape as the Laura Mercier Eye Crease Brush with great quality. I would say probably a good Dupe to Laura Mercier brush.
  • The Real Techniques Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Set comes in a set that I love to use for my eye crease. It really blends the shadow amazingly especially with it comes to blending.

All Over Crease Brushes:

  • Laura Mercier Eye Crease Brush is a brush that easily dusts over the transition shade all over the eye crease. It’s super soft and what I love about this brush the most is that I can sweep and pad the shadow all over my crease which helps my mascara don’t smudge.
  • It Cosmetics Heavenly Luxe Superher 4-in-1 Eye-Transforming Super Shadow & Liner Brush is one of the best brushes you can get to do your entire eye look. You can turn this into 3 different brushes depending on your application method as well as it has an angled brush to apply your liner or do more details on the eyes. It’s super soft and fluffy.
  • The Real Techniques Eyeshadow Makeup Brush Set is one of my favorite ones because it works as a multi-purpose brush for me. I use it for my crease as well as it works great for concealers. It has that perfect size that works great for everything.

Angle Brushes:

  • It Cosmetics Tightliner 10-In1 Dual-Ended Brush is one of the brushes that you really need in your life, especially when you’re on the go. The one side carries a fence-shaped brush that lays in between the lashes to really give that precise and gap-free tight-lining eye look. While the other side has the precision-cut brush that offers a smooth tight-lining eye look again that reaches very close to the lash-line.

Many of these brushes comes in sets that I find them quite convenient when you’re on the go, here how the sets looks like:

  • Laura Mercier Sweeping Beauty Essential Brush Collection
    I love this collection, it has everything I need for a perfect makeup look. It also comes with a brush bag that keeps the brushes nice and in good shape while on the go. I think Laura Mercier brushes been one of the best brushes I have used by far, for their quality and performance. It is really worth the splurge.
  • Quo Beauty Holiday Set is one of the best sets you can get at an amazing price. You get 10 wonderful and a pack of an amazing selection of brush for the face and eyes with a nice golden brush bag. I have owned Quo Brushes before I started blogging and it lasted me quite a long time. I do love the quality and performance it offers for the price.

This is a wrap! This post was one of the longest posts that took me to put together for you guys in terms of time. I have been working for more than 3 months on this. Yet I hope you find this post helpful.

Press samples were provided and courtesy of brands while some of the brushes were purchased by me.