Strong Healthy Hair with Kerastase Genesis Anti Hair-Fall Hydrating Collection

As I have changed my hair care routine recently, today I am sharing what I’ve been testing & loving for my haircare routine. It couldn’t get any better when I get to find the launch of a new product a whole line of a favourite haircare brand and a specific line from the brand just in time when I was looking for a new hair care line. I am a huge fan of the Kerastase haircare line and I do have a couple of must-have products from the brand that includes the Genesis Anti Hair-Fall Fortifying Blow-dry Fluid that has been an essential in my haircare routine.

Now Genesis haircare line carries a whole range from shampoo, conditioner, serum, a mask and a heat protectant. The line is designed to help with dry and weakened hair as well as hair prone to falling due to breakage. As I have been losing hair, I have noticed my hair was super dry at the ends (split ends) and my hair was looking dull. I did take the first step to get a haircut to get rid of the driest part of my hair but in the meantime, I was looking for a shampoo and conditioner to help retain my hair moisture back.

I love that the Genesis Anti Hair-Fall Hydrating shampooing formula is rich and feels like a creamy foam that removes dirt and excess oil while deeply nourishing hair. Hair feels light but prepares to look fuller. I don’t like conditioners, but the conditioner has been working great on days I style my hair. I always swap my conditioner with a good hydrating hair mask on days I like to wear my hair curly. I have been loving the Genesis Anti Hair-Fall Fortifying Mask it gives my curly hair more definition.

Genesis Anti Hair-Fall Fortifying Serum is something new to me, but something that definitely is going to help me with dry and dull hair looks especially midway to the end. It’s a serum to use once a day to strengthen hair from its roots and helps with breakage due to dryness. I am still in process of testing. Will soon report on its effectiveness & results.

on another note, the Genesis Anti Hair-Fall Fortifying Blow-dry Fluid has been one of the items I have used & gone through bottles when styling my hair. It has been featured on the blog Here, Here & Here. This Genesis Anti Hair-Fall Fortifying Blow-dry Fluid is a sold hair protectant that has helped me protect my hair while styling with heated tools.

I have been quite impressed with the collection. I love that the line is hydrating and seals hair ends that appear healthier, and helps over time to add hydration for intense resilience to reduce hair breakage due to dryness. You can find the collection available at Kerastase and Sephora.

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