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I’ve been testing and experimenting with new complexion products for the season. There have been quite some amazing complexion launches for spring 2022 that I’ve been excited for as well as I’ve discovered new complexion brands that I’ve been impressed with. This round-up carries everything from your everyday natural look to an evening glowing full coverage makeup look for spring/summer 2022. Here I am sharing a full round-up of complexion products, and in case you’ve been curious about these new launches and hope you find this post helpful.

Charlotte Tillbury Beautiful Skin

Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin (C$55.00) is a medium coverage liquid foundation with Hyaluronic Acid. It’s probably the best glowing foundation I’ve ever tried. It gives skin that nice Luminus finish with enough coverage to even out the skin in the best way possible. I do use filters on social media but with this foundation, I swear I didn’t need any filter. It makes skin look like it’s perfect. I purchased it in shade 4 warm which is a fair medium with warm golden undertones. I think it’s going to be my glow-proof foundation for the spring/summer season.

It applies quite well with a flat brush + you can build the coverage by layering. Lasting power is quite amazing, it did last nicely on my skin without any powder all day. I noticed a slight disturbance around my nose area when masking and that’s pretty much it.

It’s a perfect date night/evening foundation that you can wear. You definitely need to correct under the eye area or any other pigmentation but overall it covers all imperfections. I think Charlotte makes the best complexion products to make you glow no matter what. I have a full reel on this look.


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Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Laura Mercier’s new Tinted Moisturizer oil-free (C$58.00) with SPF 20 has been on my radar since it launched last year. I’ve been a huge lover of her original Tinted Moisturizer (reviewed here) and it’s the one I wear almost every single day. The original formula holds quite nice during the winter season but needs a little help in the summertime. I felt I wanted to try the new formula for the upcoming spring/summer season this year.

This is a multitasking tinted moisturizer with skincare benefits that are designed for all skin textures with sheer coverage buildable to medium coverage. It applies really nicely to the skin and you can build the coverage easily by layering. It applies quite radiant but it slowly mattifies its finish throughout the day. It does have a soft blurring effect on the skin which I absolutely love.

I do find the new oil-free formula has better lasting power, and the formula holds on the skin much better than the original formula. If you scroll up you can see it really neutralizes the skin tone and even takes after deep dark circles. It lasts all day without any touch-ups and makes skin look perfect all day long.

in the above swatches you can really see the coverage it provides with its finish. Although both formulas have been swatched in 2N1 there is a slight difference in shade.

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Estee Lauder Double Wear Sheer

New from Estee Lauder is the Double Wear Sheer Long-Wear Makeup SPF 19 (C$58.00) is a super lightweight undetectable foundation with sheer coverage and a natural finish. It evens out the skin tone and blurs out any imperfections. It carries a nice radiant finish. It has a soft diffused semi-matte finish that looks luminous on the skin and adds to its lasting power. The formula is sweat resistant which makes it a perfect base for the spring/summer season as well as with all the masking mandatories.

The texture has quite a runny feel and light texture which makes it slightly tricky to use. I like to apply it directly to my complexion using the dropper applicator. I find it applies really nicely with a flat brush compared to other brushes or sponges. I also found that you can layer it for better coverage by applying the second layer after a couple of minutes. It does finish the skin looking fresh.

It’s an everyday base that you can easily wear without giving it a second thought. You do need some correcting under the eye area or any other pigmentation you have around your complexion to even out the skin as well as some concealer if you need to spot treat. Overall I find it covers the skin quite nicely. I got to try it in 1N2 Ecru shade which is a good match but I don’t like the pink undertone but I might go a shade darker for summertime.

Estee Lauder makes the best bases and the Double Wear foundation has been one of my favourite long-wear foundations that when wear when I am in doubt with amazing lasting powder that actually lasts all day. It always finishes my skin the way I want it, depending on how I apply it for different occasions. I wear it in shade 1W1 Bone which is a perfect shade for my undertone and usually, I wear my DW for evening occasions I like it slightly lighter and with all the contouring the aftermath turns nice. Futurist Hydra Rescue Moisturizing Foundation SPF 45 (reviewed here) has been my ultimate on-the-go foundation during the spring/summer of 2021 and it has been my favourite for the winter as well with a good amount of SPF I need for my skin and full coverage. I like to wear it in shade 1W2 Sand, slightly dark but it’s a good match for the summer season.

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One Size by Patrick Starrr

I’ve been eyeing the One Size Turn Up The Base Versatile Powder Foundation and Turn Up the Base Butter Silk Concealer since it has launched. Having dry skin (especially under the eye area) makes me always look for new + better complexion products and the two items I always struggle with are concealer and powder. I am glad I put them to the test and it’s now on my must-have beauty items.

One Size Turn Up The Base Versatile Powder Foundation (C$43.00) is a full-coverage powder foundation that covers everything and feels like butter on the skin. As many of you know I don’t like to wear powders, I lately find more and more brands are bringing in a better version of powders that doesn’t dry out the skin. This is a new powder foundation that doesn’t feel and looks dry on the skin at all. The formula is matte and has a blurring effect on fine lines and wrinkles. The powder is a lot darker when applies with a sponge than it looks in the compact. I picked shade Medium 1 with a Neutral undertone which seemed like a perfect shade for my skin tone (I like it slightly darker because I do get than during the summertime) but it turned a lot darker once applied with a sponge. I think Light 2 Neutral would be a good match for my skin.

You can wear the powder many ways with different applications which makes it a perfect on-the-go complexion base. You can apply it with a wet beauty sponge directly to the skin for a full coverage look. It applies smoothly and gives that flawless and full coverage finish. Or you can use a dense brush to apply all over the complexion for medium coverage or a fluffy brush to apply all over your complexion for a natural look or set your foundation.

I find this powder to be a good on-the-go powder foundation that does everything you need while you’re on the go especially once the weather gets moister and warmer.

Turn Up the Base Butter Silk Concealer (C$33.00) is a thick creamy full coverage concealer that melts into the skin like wonder. The formula is matte but honestly, it finishes the skin radiant and luminous. It doesn’t feel like anything on the skin at all. It blends like butter with amazing lasting power and is waterproof which makes it even better for hot and humid days. I got it in the shade Medium 1 Neutral Golden which is a perfect match to my skin, its slightly brighter than my skin but that’s what I like to brighten up my under-eye area.

The formula feels thicker but once it’s blended it melts into the skin. The finish is flawless. I try to stick with more radiant and creamy texture concealer for the most part of my beauty looks but a good full coverage concealer is always a must-have in my makeup bag. It applies nicely with a sponge as well as brush, both ways give a flawless finish.

Both The Base Versatile Powder Foundation + Turn Up the Base Butter Silk Concealer applies beautifully together with a nice and flawless look.

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Comparision Swatches:

And it’s a wrap!! I hope this post has been helpful for you. These are some of the bases I will be reaching out to for the spring/summer season for the most part. I’ve also been loving the new Nars Light Reflecting Foundation (review here). I haven’t discovered any new launches for the concealer or powder which it seems like brands are going to drop in a couple of weeks for the summer season which I will share once I get my hands on them.

I’ve linked all my favourite products under each brand, to help you navigate and find your base essentials if you want to stay within the same brand.

Press samples were provided by Estee Lauder and Laura Mercier. Charlotte Tillbury and One Size products have been purchased by me.