NUXE | Rêve de Miel® Makeup Remover and Facial Cleansing Gel & Prodigieux® Shower Oil


I have become a huge fun of Nuxe products recently, I am getting so obsessed over the products that some times I doubt that are these products are that good or is it my obsession. Thanks to the Nuxe team for sending these products for review purposes otherwise I wouldn’t discover them. But to be honest these latest discoveries from Nuxe are great, I have been kept telling me self how come I never tried them before. This time I’m reviewing cleansing products for face and body.


Up first is Makeup Remover and Facial Cleansing Gel Rêve de Miel® (C$19 for 200 ml) is a gentle, soap free make-up remover and cleanser which soothes the skin and removes makeup at the same time. The formula is infused with Honey and facial cleansing gel Rêve De Miel (some thing which Parisian woman is very aware) which is designed for daily use. It is on very light side, having said that it doesn’t lather up like some other cleansers do and removes all the impurities of the skin with a touch of lux. It’s to be on gentle side, which I find soothing and refreshing on my dry and sensitive skin. The cleanser comes with a pump dispenser. I usually use two pumps of product although some may need three. I loved how it doesn’t have a heavy scent, I find heavy-scented cleansers would disturb my skin. I have been using this for quite some time now and I felt it really clams down my skin especially after heavy make-up days.


Prodigieux® Shower Oil (C$16 for 16 ml) is an ultra-sensational shower oil which gently cleanses, leaves a satin finish with a delicate fragrance for a moment of pure pleasure. This is designed for all type skins, and I loved how it has a soft and nice scent into it.  I like that it lather up to a gentle lather – since it’s not on the thicker side it won’t foam up like some others making it adhere better to the skin when you’re in the shower or bath. It does rinse off completely and leaves skin well hydrated. It does contain little golden sparkles to give skin a nice smooth satin finish. It worked great on my dry skin, I felt this item have a calming relaxing effect and it did give me the feeling of being to a SPA. After using this for a couple of weeks now I can see a beautiful glow on my body. It comes in a tube packaging which is easy to store in your shower shuffle as well as it is easy to travel with.

Bottom line is I think they are both worth looking into. I’ve already ordered a back up of the Rêve de Miel® Makeup Remover and Facial Cleansing Gel because I know I’ll run out of my first bottle within the next month. I find Nuxe products are on the luxuries side, with a drug store price tag. I have been amazed of how well these products worked for my face and body, with giving me the feeling for pleasure every time I use. You can find these products on all department stores as well as any near drug stores or online at