Nars Powder Blushes

Nars Cosmetics just reintroduced their pressed Powder Blushes with an upgraded talc-free formula. The formula is exceptionally good with true colour payoff and weightless on the skin. Nars Cosmetic Blushes has been famous for its offerings and the new formula is even better. I love these alone; they give the skin an airbrushed finish. These do feel lightweight like there is nothing on the skin. I got my hands on 4 shades and here is a closer look into them.

  • Behave is a lovely pink mauve in a matte finish. It applies like a peachy colour on my skin. It doesn’t turn brown but looks neutral on most skin tones. It is a perfect shade for everyday wear.
  • Orgasm is a peachy pink with golden shimmers. This one is one of the stable blushes, and I find the new formula is even better in terms of colour payoff and finish.
  • Sex Appeal is a matte soft pale peachy pink – I was amazed at how beautiful it looks on the skin. It adds a nice light peachy pink to the skin.
  • Gina is a matte tangerine that is vibrant and bright. It gives cheeks a nice vibrant peach finish.

These are highly pigmented with amazing colour payoff and make skin look flawless. I found the powder to minimize the appearance of pores and wrinkles, it blurs out the skin where applied and finishes the skin smoothly. The colour range is still the same, but the formula looks and feels better. Personally, I love the shade Orgasm, It has been a cult favourite of mine for years but Sex Appeal is a new favourite. I wasn’t expecting much from this blush and the shade is quite pale – my initial thought was it would not show up on my skin but it looks incredible.

in the end, I highly recommend trying these new formulas, especially if you’re looking for a new powder blush. I have been wearing them since I’ve got my hands on them daily. I will be sharing some of my stables and favourite products from the Nars below and you can find the review post on them on

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