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Nars Cosmetics introduced a selection of beauty collections and today I am covering the review for Afterglow Liquid Blushs and Afterglow Sensual Shine Hydrating Lipsticks.

Afterglow Liquid Blushes

Afterglow Liquid Blushes are lightweight blushes that are infused with skincare benefits. I think I haven’t tried anything like this before regarding liquid blushes. The texture on the skin is undetectable with a great colour payoff and lasting power. It layers beautifully and gives that nice glowing finish skin that is desirable for the summer season. You have complete control over how much you want the colour to look on your skin by layering it. I love the sponge applicator, which is easy to apply and picks up a good amount of product for application. Compared to the original Nars Liquid Blushes this carries a much more lighter texture and colour pigment. It does finish off the skin luminous.

Here is a closer look at the product itself and swatches:

I have 3 shades from the collection to share here.

  • Orgasm is a perfect peachy pink with a golden shimmer
  • Behave is a nice soft mauve pink
  • Wanderlust is a soft lilac that looks so pretty on the skin

I’ve been really enjoying wearing these for their lightweight texture, easy application and luminous finish it offers.

Afterglow Sensual Shine Hydrating Lipstick

These Afterglow Sensual Shine Hydrating Lipsticks are smooth, hydrating and glossy finish lipsticks that have become my favourite. The formula is sheer but they add a nice finish and colour to the lips. They just feel right on the lips – not too thick. Sharing 3 shades from the collection:

  • Orgasm is a peachy pink with golden shimmers
  • Dolce Vita is a nice dusty rose
  • Devotion is a nice mauve rose

I’ve been a long-time lover of the Afterglow Lip Balms (reviewed here) for their smooth finish and nice hydrating texture but these have definitely replaced those this summer for me. The lasting power is as good as a lip balm or a hydrating lipstick.

I am really impressed with these new launches and have already added them to my everyday makeup stash. I’ve linked some of my favourite hit formulas from the brand for you guys and you can find their review posts here on the blog for reference.

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